By Uwagboe Ogieva
20th Of January, 2019.


Land is the basis of all wealth. All human, socio-cultural and economic developments needs a base or operational building.


GBO as a registered and fast growing organisation, should have a base or location for contact from where all administrative machineries are coordinated and redistributed.


Edo state, precisely Benin City being the capital city of Great Benin Kingdom from where all Idu ancestry evolved need to have a base or structure for GBO organisation.


GBO organisation have come to bridge the gap between great Benin families living abroad and those at home. It could involve sharing of skills, educational materials, humanitarian assistance, cultural orientations, socio-economic activities as well as community developmental projects. A base or secretariat is required, from where all these services are coordinated.


Some diasporas may want to donate materials like cloths, household properties, office equipment and other goods and services to the less privilege families in the community as a way of assisting to meet their socio -economic needs. To gather these materials and coordinate them properly a building is essential, a warehouse or GBO secretariat.


Further more, as part of GBO mission to conduct educational programmes, recreative activities and skill exchange programmes orientation of youths, children and old people, helping in their mental development and health situation and skill development programmes, a GBO centre, a recreative centre, a GBO community building or secretariat is required for effective operation.


GBO worldwide organisation is a community of its own, it needs a place or building where all members can relate and connect with each other i.e a place diasporans can always visit anytime they are home so as to contribute and participate in GBO activities.


Making Great Benin Great again will involve a long term development plan of which a base for GBO organisation is essential, to achieve this enormous and inevitable goal, foundation block should be laid to build a befitting edifice that will house GBO events and programmes.


Thank you all

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