Why And How Members Can Be Good Patriots Of GBO Organisation


*Why And How Members Can Be  GoodP Of GBO Organisation.*



Great Benin Origins worldwide organisation is the people’s forum and community of Great Benin origins for cultural advancement and socio económic development.


Since Inauguration on 9th of June, 2018, have see various subscribers, engaged series of activities and achieved many projects.


By Febuary 2019, the organisation have recorded more than 200 members in her worldwide forum, 60 socio Idcard holders and 125 registered members.


24 Executive council members and 3 extra committee body, the DC, RC and SC



Obviously, the organisation have being growing immensley in recent times base on efective participatión and administratión.


The president Madam Meg Okao, a visionary and exemplary leader have being very productive and efficient in leading the organisation.


As the organisation grows so her responsibilities, activies and expenses.


GBO organisation is curently being manage on donations and voluntary efforts by mostly the executive Council.


There are serious need for all members and executives alike to keep supporting, contributing and publicizing the organisation to keep it alive and continúe growing.


About 6 million naira was budget for various proposed diaspora projects to be sponsored by GBO organisation for the year 2019.


There is the challenge of vacant countries coordinators in some countries of Europe, América and Asia.


Less media personel and organisation árticle writers, socio media organisation militants and dedicated functionaries.


To get to archieving GBO desired projects and objectives of the organisation, members are encourage to partícipate, contribute, cooperate, donate, register and pay their idcard fee, help share GBO information and publications in their various medía profiles and engagements.


We are one family that have come to set the pace. Work collectively and together to improve on our cultural being, historic reunión of the great Benin kingdom and work unanimously to assist socio-economic development and advancement.


Thank you all

Oba gha tor kpẹre


Uwagboe Ogieva
Secretary of GBO
(Re edited 30th of July 2019)

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