Great Benin Origins (GBO) Diaspora Organisation Is Not:


*x A pressure group*

*x A political group*

*x A religious group*

*x A rebel group*

*x A secessionist group*

*x A militants group*

*x A hate group*

*….. but*


Forum Of Great Benin Origins In Diaspora group is a socio cultural group promoting societal peace, love, harmony and unity among her members and society at large, a collective effort of well mean diasporans to assist cultural and economic growth and development of people and society. G.B.O hope to also assist child education, less priviledge, skill acquizition, cultural orientation and awareness.


Its stand to promote unity among members of Great Benin Empire and civilization. Edoid iin unity, progress and harmony.


1. Register online with GBO organisation and pay for your organisation Idcard at www.greatbeninorigins.com

2. Join GBO whatsapp group to contribute and air your concerns

3. The executive council will attend to whatever your concern may be and give you proper directive.

4. You can partner with the organisation, your association or club.


G.B.O. is open to sincere views, reasonable criticism and innovative ideals on progressive development visit : www.greatbeninorigins.com for further enquiries


Uwagboe Ogieva

Secretary General

22rd Of December, 2019



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