1. Copy or extract GBO constitution from GBO website. Make a comprehensive outline of all you feel is wrong and needs amendments, stating reasons why they must be amended. [Remember to quote which article of the constitution you are referring to]


2. Post your document or write up of enumerated items to be amended in the constitution and state reasons to the Executive council (EC).


3. The executive council shall look into the submission and then put it up for vote in the EC to ascertain if that section or clause or article of the constitution be amended with the suggested clause or article using a simple majority vote as stated in article 23 of GBO constitution quote:

The Organization may alter the provision of its Constitution at the General meeting by a resolution passed by a simple majority of his members and approved by the executive council.”* – http://greatbeninorigins.com/constitution


4. The EC shall set up a constitutional review committee, giving a period of time for the committee to review the constitution and pass it to the EC for final ratification or its done in GBO World conference in Italy


Thank you

Uwagboe Ogieva
Secretary of GBO

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