We Are All GBO, So Give Your Best To Make It Grow


By Barr. Famous Osawaru


Compliment of the day to all my elders in the EC and the general GBO worldwide forum, special thanks to the academic guru Dr. Charles Omorodion the wake and see achiever for your love for GBO ode to you Sir.

It is important to state here that “Forum of Great Benin Origins in Diaspora” is a diaspora organization of all Edo blood worldwide birthed by ideal of few ones but owned by all Edo blood with the aim and objective to make Benin great again, not a Nigeria base organization, this is what make GBO different from every other organization with similar aim.

It may interest you to know that GBO is a charity organization birthed by ideal of few but owned by all Edo blood worldwide, being a trustees, Director or EC member as it were does not make you more relevant than other registered members, because every offices are only for a fixed term certain and not forever, an EC or trustee today can decide to take a bow tomorrow, therefore GBO is for all.

In GBO no partnership or shareholders, those in affairs only took a role voluntary responsibility on behalf of others and nothing more, there will never be a time when benefit will be share among members or EC and members are only promoters with love for their mother land. Therefore issues of partnership will never come up despite the fact that the registration in U.K the promoters are referred to as directors is more of a name than what directors simply mean in general palace, simply put in this regard director also mean promoters or trustees.

In respect of yearly due by Nigerians in the EC and registered members at large you may recall i made a call to consider currency difference not necessary because of this current EC members in Nigeria bcos i know too well even if it is 1000 euro flat rate we can pay but for future and precedent purpose. A minimum wages in Nigeria is #18, 000 which mean 100 euro will be three months salary of a Nigeria earner of minimum wages while in the same country DSTV subscription is #14,000 a month what a wonderful country we have. It is a know fact that our people in diaspora who normally visit Nigeria some time come with over 4, 000 euro which most time cant even survive their bills in one month bcos this is Nigeria.

Whatever donations, good will and work you do for GBO are voluntary and it should be done with love for your mother land.

I want to specially thanks Nigerian GBO members who in many Occasion have made their time available for progress of GBO activities Ode to you all, also to thank diaspora members who made donations and their time too available whenever they are around i love you too.

In life no one is irreplaceable it is only a process of time, therefore whatever is worth doing is what doing well, are you a professional? Lawyer? Doctor, computer guru, business man or woman, where do you work? Do you know you can use your current office or opportunity to help GBO and write your name with gold in the history of GBO, do you know you can donate building, cars, clothes, money e.t.c to promote GBO activities without stress, whatever you do now is an opportunity to write your name boldly in history.

GBO is a worldwide forum i suggest we bring in more members to EC not lower than 50 members, representing each Country in EC this will bring more hands and professional on table it will be a thing of Joy to have more computer guru, lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, business men and women, chief in the EC. Being a member of EC is a voluntary responsibility that does not make you more important than other members.

We need more capable hands in GBO! We need more doer in GBO, let encourage more members to play their part now in GBO, let tell people GBO in in town, action speak louder than voice.

Finally let me thanks the coordinator of GBO in Nigeria Mr. Nicolas Ogieva you have been so fantastic, Queen Diva, Chief Omo Osagie, and many others in Nigeria your time and love for GBO worth over a billion.

GBO conference is August, this is the best time to contribute your little effort to make Benin great again, however i might not be able to meet up for the conference considering the time limit, finance involved to get to Italy in August for one day program where i will spend over a million bcos of visa and other expenses involve but i look forward to make the subsequent conference if God willing, i pray the EC bear with me after bringing my iyawo home it reduce my account balance.

I pray our focus should not be limited to the conference alone because our secretariat need a GBO touch before the cement donated to us get bad.

Thank you all, from yours sincerely son Barr.
Famous Osawaru
GBO Legal Adviser.

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