Visit of Oba of Benin to Ife which our Yoruba brothers misconstrued

CLARIFICATION on the visit of Oba of Benin to Ife which our Yoruba brothers misconstrued as a supremacy visit.

Ooni of Ife is a priest in charge of Oduduwa’s shrine not a king.
Ooni of Ife was selected and chosen to become Ooni of Ife whose father is still alive, he was elected to that position by mortals.
Oba of benin isn’t an elected king, he was born an Oba. Every first born son of Oba of benin is a king. Oduduwa isn’t our progenitor but was our son Prince Ekaladerhan, Yoruba call him God, we Edos call him Our son, Our prince not as a God. Edos didn’t come from the Yorubas.
Our king Omo n’oba n’edo uku akpolo kpolo Oba Ewuare ll went to Ife for a thank you visit tour for his post coronation visits, he didn’t went there to pay homage to Ooni of Ife, and Ooni of Ife can’t accept an homage from Oba of Benin as it is a taboo for a king to bow to a priest put in charge of the shrines of the king’s Ancestors, We only recognise one king in the entire yoruba race, and that is the Alaffin of Oyo who happens to be the second son of Oranmiyan ( Oba Adollorre) and king of Oyo empire. Ooni is a priest not a King.
Aisagbon rioba oderhimwin na ke rioere!.. Oba of benin didn’t became king on this earth he became king before he will be born to this earth. The Ogiso of Igodomigodo, first Son and Heir of Oranmiyan’s Properties, Oba of Great Benin Empire will soon visit:
Oba of lagos
Obi of Onitsha
Olu of Warri
Obi of Owa
Obong of Calabar
Ezes of Ekpeye kingdoms and other Kingdoms that traced their Origin to Great Benin.
Oba gha tor kpere ise!!!.

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