The Petition Of Mr Lucky Aghahowa Against Marshal Utubor As Resolved By The Executive Council Of GBO 11th Of May 2019



A petition was made and sent to the GBO executive council on the 3rd of May by Mr Aghahowa Lucky against Marshal Utubor of breaking the GBO code of conduct number 8 which states “You must promote and display maximum respect for the OBA / KING OF GREAT BENIN KINGDOM ”. Again that Marshall Utubor recent publications that Edo kings originated from the yorubas defiles the ethic of GBO organisation and the authentic Edo history


The petition was passed to the Disciplinary Committee to examine and submit their report.
A report was submitted on the 8 of May 2019 by the Chairman of the DC Elder Faluyi Osunde as follows:


“Enimwanren wahia latose,
etenmwen nikpia kekevbe nikwo wahia obowie. In response to the petition filed against one of our illustrious son Mr Osamudiamen Okakolo by another of our illustrious son Mr Aghahowa Lucky has been looked into and our findings is based on the fact that Ekaladeran originally known ran away from Benin for his dear life got to Ile Ife (ilefe) and the settlers there named him Oduduwa which is a Yoruba word (God sent King) so if anyone believe that he or she is for Ekaladeran and the other believes on Oduduwa is a personal choice and that can never change history (facts) although am not a historian but I believe what my grand fathers told me. Therefore I will plead with our dear son Mr Aghahowa Lucky to withdraw his petition due to misunderstanding and let love continue to unite us together (Akugbe) as one family of Igodomigodo descendant.

I will also advise our dear brother Mr Osamudiamen Okakolo and everyone of us to desist from associating with any individual or group of persons who does not mean well to the Benin monarch our great Oba of Benin kingdom and the Benins as a whole.
Conclusively, I will ask the EC to temper justice with mercy but Mr Osamudiamen Okakolo should be made to pay a fine for exiting from GBO without notice after all he was only having a personal issue not an organisational issue. if he wish to come back to GBO worldwide organisation.

I want to say thank you all for your patience and love towards this noble organisation GBO worldwide.
Elder Osunde Faluyi. (Odionwere Rome-Italy.
Italy Coordinator GBO worldwide.
Chairman Disciplinary Committee GBO worldwide.


Just before the ratification of DC report, Mr lucky Aghahowa tendered his statement of agreeing to the report of the DC and same time withdraw his petition. Quote as he submitted:

“Domor sir… I so much appreciate the decision made by the DC. I hereby withdraw my case.
Thanks” – [Mr Lucky Aghahowa].


The Executive council conducted a simple majority vote on the 11th of may, 2019 in acceptance of the DC report. The DC report got 15 Yes. The president Madam Meg Okao made a final proclamation to conclude and declare the DC report binding. With this Mr Utubor will be accepted back to the organisation if he still desires to work with us.


Thank you all for standing for peace, justice and progress in GBO organisation worldwide.


Oba gha tor kpere, Isee.


Uwagboe Ogieva
Secretary Of GBO
13th of May 2019


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