The Monarch Of Our Time By Victor Osazuwa

The Monarch of our Time.

The roaring lion whose song sends quiver down the spines of hearers,

The leopard of the homestead that prances like lightning and strike as thunderbolt.

Wiser than wisdom in the abode of indecision to dole truth and justice on igodomigodo,

His luminance outsmart the brightest sun;

with glimmering mild sparkles his tender heart emit love like stars at night on his people .

The reign of he that serves the yardstick of monarchy in the mightiest empire ruled by imperial majesties.

He is the eagle soaring high above the cloud, the harbinger of good fortune from our forebearers from the other side of peace.

The Ogidigan, Umogun, Ovbiekene madeyo reig ns supreme.

Oba ghato’kpere, Ise.

By Victor Osazuwa
Director of Media and Communication GBO.

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