My elders, ladies and gentlemen, I greet you all.
Today’s event was of enormous enthusiasm and colourfull as witnessed from the back ground.
I register my thanks and gratitude to all our dear GBO representatives at the Holy Aruosa today where our respected chief priest, Okao, the ohẹn of Aruosa cathederal presided over the end of year thanksgiven celebration by our Oba.
I ‘m indeed overwhelmed with the reception altitude and attitude particularly as my earger for pre-evaluation was manifested prior to presentation of our Golden gift.
Madam Derby, thank you for demonstration of pragmantism, Mr Don Senator, Barr. Osawaru, Mr Nicholas Ogieva, Sister Lovelt Okunmwendia and all others who by-passed their personal interest to show their presence and solidarity for GBO in the presence of our monarch, I thank you all.
It is my believe that our objectives as highlighted by our president, Mrs meg Okao, the points touched by our able director of communication, Mr Victor Osazuwa and the list presented by our able secretary Mr Uwagboe Ogieva, and the advice of our noble one Mrs Aibiokula Okao herself were or will be conveyed owing to their solid validity
Finally thank you all my glamourous family.
Obaghator ọkpẹre isẹẹ

Engr. Ayo Aghadiaye
Vice President
GBO World-wide


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