Testimony of how GBO touched his life.

GBO touched his life: Testimony of how GBO touched his life.

Yesterday GBO Nigeria executives were at the GBO Secretariat km12 sapele road to put finishing touch to the office before the grand opening day!!!

We stopped by at the paint depot to get paint and request for a painter, a man was recommended to us as a painter, we bargained his fee, after agreeing on what he will be paid, he pleaded with us to pay him advance, we told him that’s not how its done, that a workman has to finish his work for the day before receiving his wage, but he said that he wants to quickly give his wife money so she can prepare a meal for herself and his children. That they slept last night without food…. 😱😩

We drove him to his place OMG!! He gave his wife money, and the painter’s wife pleaded for us to lift her little son to the junction to buy kerosene while she went to buy foodstuffs from nearby kiosk.

To cut long story short. GBO made a difference in the life of that painter yesterday. He had no job, he had a hungry wife and kids, no hope of getting job or food that day until GBO called and gave him painting work.

My great GBO family. Because of us John (not real name) had a reason to live for another day.

The donations GBO receives goes along way, it touches lives. People are hungry and suffering in this country, GBO is here to alleviate these sufferings. We want to bring dignity back to life of the indigent citizens of Edo land.

Every €1 donated to GBO will make things happen. Together we can put a smile on their faces. Sow into GBO and see them smile again.

We are in a hurry to make Edo great again cos that’s where our stories started from.

Ọba ghatọ kpẹre

Editor in chief GBO worldwide
29th July, 2018

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