Nigeria has 21.6% of mortality rate caused by road traffic injury and accident as published by world bank in their official website. World health organisation have also published similar statistics pointing menace of trafic order and control through out the country.

Beside, Lagos, Kanu, Port Harcort, Benin City is recorded one of the most populous City of Nigeria as a result of economic, educational, and cultural immigration influcts from other parts of the states and countries. Benin City, the ancient City is a commercial City that house nearly every ethnic nationalities of Nigeria. The City where the king reside and home of great history, culture, natural and human resources. It has one of the best vegetations with connectable roads that leads to south, east, west and north. Benin City is the capital of Edo state, the heart beat of Nigeria.

In recent times, there have been too much of trafic disorderliness, abuse of road signs, irregular crossing of pupils and students, fighting in bus stops over first to enter bus and insufficient control of road trafic warder.

GBO being an organisation that cares have decided to draw diasporas attention to support Benin City trafic order control. Its a fact the government cannot do it all alone. Develop society are build by both the government and the people. GBO have decided to assist in Benin City trafic order control to save the untimely death of women, children, age people and youths.




On GBO Nigeria General Meeting held on Sunday 3rd February 2019 at Benin City Resolutions:

• GBO will partner with ECTS (Edo City Transport Service) and Government Secondary Schools to promote the vision of Great Benin Origins (GBO) at schools and ECTS Bus-Stops.
•Items of partnership are viz: GBO T-shirts & caps, stickers, ECTS Bus-Stop sign posts sponsored by GBO, reflective jackets for students’ traffic control at ECTS Bus-Stops.
•Idogbo Secondary School and Idogbo Bus-Stop in Ikpoba-Okha shall be the first case study prior to further implementation and roll-out to other schools and bus-stops in Benin City.

However, to accomplish this great and inevitable task the organisation call on all well mean diasporans to donate whatever they can. Transfer donations to Zenith Bank Of Bank – Forum Of Great Origins In Diaspora : Account Number : 1016039279. Support to make great Benin Great again. Help keep societal sane and healthy living.

Donate to Zenith Bank Of Bank – Forum Of Great Origins In Diaspora : Account Number : 1016039279

Thank you so much


Together we can make great Benin great again.


Oba gha tor kpere!


Uwagboe Ogieva

Secretary Of GBO


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