*RESOLUTION At GBO Conference In Rome, Italy, 17th Of August, 2019*



(1) Madam Meg Okao
(2) Elder Faluyi Osunde
(3) Mr Emokpae Odigie
(4) Madam Aibiokunla Okao
(5) Mr Tony Onwudiegu
(6) Engineer Aghadiaye Ayo
(7) Lucky Aghahowa
(8) Mrs Vero Ekomoba
(9) Uwagboe Ogieva
(10) Madam Vivian Omoruyi
(11) Prince Lucky Asworth
(12) Vanessa Osarenmwinda
(13) Mr Victor Osazuwa

(14) Elder Osehi Ikhilor

(15) Madam Rita Iyinbor


Meeting started at 11:50am. Elder Faluyi Osunde led the opening prayer. The president, Madam Meg Okao gave a welcome speech. Uwagboe Ogieva, the secretary general, presented the agenda for the day. Mrs Vero Ekomoba, Vanessa Osarenmwinda and Madam Vivian Omoruyi completed their GBO form and paid their 20euros fee for GBO idcard each. Members Idcards was verified by Mr Lucky Aghahowa. Members who forgot their idcards filled a provisional idcards to present after verification by Mr Victor Osazuwa that they have paid and issued idcards prior to the event. There was Introduction of members present


*Resolution On Matters Arising*

1). *Respect The President*:
Its was agreed that anyone who disobey the president”s order of peace on any future conflict will be fine. He/she will have to pay 20euros. This will also apply if in absence of the president the vice president also call for peace.


2). *Continue Renovation And Sign Document In Respect Of The GBO Secretariat*
It was unanimously agreed that GBO should sign an official document of lease of premises with chief Ihama in respect of the place given to GBO as provisional office or secretariat at 30 igun street, Benin City, Edo state.


3). *Resigned Members To Be Removed From GBO Registration Documents*
It was agreed that members who have resigned from the organisation and no longer part of the organisation be remove from the organisation documents. Barrister Famous Osawaru was to be contacted on how any rectification can be done on GBO documents.


4). *Possible Investment GBO Engagement To Generate Fund For The Organisation*
– Mr luchy Aghahowa suggested farming and waste recycling investment
– Elder Osehi Ikhilor call for GBO to invest in advert and promotions for education and enlightenment.
– Mr Emokpae Odigie said mobile toliets for rents will be very lucrative in a festive society like ours.


5). *GBO Traphic Order Control*
It was unanimously agreed that the organisation should continue with her February program of traffic order control around Benin City to be monitored by Mr Lucky Aghahowa. Members in diaspora where encouraged to join this programme if at home at the time its being done.


6). *Next GBO Conference In Benin City 2020. Nigeria*
More than 2/3 members present at the meeting voted in favor to holding GBO next conference in the heart of Benin Kingdom, Benin City come 2020. The conference was said to be more appropriate in November. Date and time in november 2020 will be discuss in GBO whatsapp forum


7). Issues of constitutional review and criteria for GBO directorship was postponed because of time.

The meeting ended about 14:30pm

Uwagboe Ogieva
Secretary Of GBO
22nd Of August, 2019




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