(1) Building skills and educational supports
(2) Sponsor a Radio/TV station
(3) Build a standard GBO secretariat in Benin City
(4) Sponsor members for training
(5) Organise inter sports and quiz competitions
(6) Participate and invest on economic utilities of Great Benin cultural festivals

(7) Sponsor science innovative projects

(8) GBO Worldwide Magazine

(9) Sport Activities and Competitions

(10) Tourism








Contributor A:


1. It’ll be very marketable due to alot of publicity through various print media and social media. And we’ll have to do a launching to raise money and create much awareness.
2. The production cost would be put into consideration and our very first production shouldn’t be reasoned on what to gain as we’ll have to send some copies to some notable idu children who will one way or another make contributions either now or in future.
3. There are alot of articles posted on GBO platform that are enough to make a magazine. We’ll create a page or two for Edo language learning which will also attract most parents to buy for their children’s benefit, column for jokes, historical facts, health etc. It can be one magazine every quarter of the year for a start but can later upgrade to every month when we see the outcome.

It’ll also serve as a means to showcase all activities of GBO both at home and in diaspora.
For a start, we can meet some notable idu children who has business to advertise like hotels and every other businesses, we can even partner

Contributor A:


We can showcase our rich cultural heritage, artifacts and traditional settings of old and of modern age.
A column can also be created for people to make suggestions and advice.
Like this igue festival pictures from the day one should even be enough to start up magazine. Capture everyday activities and you will see how people will key into this. Especially our brothers and sisters in diaspora. It can be made available online in a way that it can’t be duplicated (copied) when they pay for it.


Contributor C:

Those are valid points-

1) media is very important in this obviously in order to advertise this- the question as well is will people contribute to this when looking at the history of what GBO has done to date?

2) I think the production cost should be considered from the very beginning because if it doesn’t take off the way we envision we will be put in a financial deficit. Yes the copies being sent to notable individuals as a form of advertising and gaining assistance by means of contributions is important but is it something GBO should start now?

3) yes there are numerous articles posted here that are also available on the website. The content in the magazine would need to be set apart from them. As well as the numerous sections is a given.

I agree that it should be every quarter of the year when we go ahead with this idea. But we would also need writers and individuals to manage the magazine and the various columns within. This will all take time and months maybe even a year + to get started.

What I am saying it is a great idea and something GBO should do, but as of now I believe GBO should focus on actually going into the community and advertising this organization through personal interaction with the people so that they can see us. We need to focus on networking with people before the magazine comes to fruition.


Contributor D: 

My little contribution to this subject matter like I’ve always suggested

1.we can start with magazine publications with notable events covered and our correspondence always on ground.


2.we can set up a school where only history, tradition and cultural values will be taught. In this, we can partner with Benin institute of studies to get some vital documents, teach few persons and they become teachers. We can also generate revenue from the people registering to learn.


3.we can invest in sporting activities in a traditional way like a traditional Olympics where athletes from old Benin empire territory can contest in various activities like wrestling, swimming etc