Presidential Speech Presented By Madam Meg Okao

Presidential Speech Presented By Madam Meg Okao,
Of Forum Of Great Benin Origins Worldwide.
4th Of December 2018.

The Executive Council of Great Benin Origins, the entire members of GBO Worldwide, distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with profound gratitude I Mrs. Meg Okao the President of Great Benin Origins Worldwide express my sincere thanks to our well meaning Idu united descendants. I thank you once again for accepting me as your own. I know cannot do it alone without your support therefore lets work together to get there.

We have come a long way together in fraternity, from the inaugural conference in Antwerp to the conglumerating town hall meeting in Brussels. We converged in Benin city, our ancestral capital to uphold and declare our solidarity in our homeland. Also, we have had turbulent times when our flight was quaking with uncertainty but we emerged triumphant from the house of discord. On the course of our tussle, providence mediated in our crisis and the ancestors intervened in our affairs.

Despite the scheme of things, here I stand before you today in full service with all my strength to strive, to defend the cause of Great Benin Origins. I will make it my ultimate priority that as an organisation, we will restores with fervent commitment the glories and dignity of Idu’s children.
Because culture and tradition is one of our core values, the bonding collaboration with people in the motherland to foster the preservation of our unique cultural heritage must be encouraged. We will sponsor cultural and traditional events on a global scale to showcase and sell our rich cultural heritage.

Indeed, socio-economic activities by GBO in our communities will not be left out. To engage in community development we will provide economic incentives that translates to social development and societal progress . We will create economic opportunities like small scale businesses to empower our people.

Considering the countless unmentioned endeavour we will embark upon in our homeland and even in the Diaspora, it is crucial to declare that Great Benin Origins is the hope of Idu’s descendant to attain the long lasting dream of Unity, Peace, Prosperity that will progressively spread through the front and hind quaters of our society.

Taking everything into account, I will like to use this opportunity to thank all members of this great organisation that stood firm in the face of our strengthening agitations that brought us to this point in our history, you will surely be remembered by posterity. And to everyone that are still undecided about what we stand for, hop from the fence and join the moving train. I earnestly invite you to join to the Great Benin Origins and be counted among the worthy Idu Children with a heritage that heralds unity in our present dispensation.

Thank you all

Oba gha tor kpere, Isee.

Meg Okao,
President GBO Worldwide.

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