Group Comments And Suggestions:


From Mrs Divas Ukponmwan as suggestions to bepresented at the Belgium conference June 9, 2018.


My agenda suggestion for the Belgium summit:
GBO can open petrol station in benin. Monies for building and running the station can be gotten from levies, dues or voluntary donations from philatropic edo indigenes. The monies realised from the filling station will be used for GBO work of mercy which should include but not limited to:

1) enrolling waec and jamb for 1000 ss3 edo students annually. The students should all be schooling in edo state.

2) buying of exercise books, pencils, erazers, shapners for primary sch pupils especially those in pry 3-5 . each pupil to receive a dozen exercise book, 5 pencils, erazers and sharpners each. 1000 pupils should be reached annually. These items will be crested with GBO symbols or logo.

3)Edo language teachers should be trained courtsy of this organization and such teachers should be assisted to get automatic employment. We can train them to obtain nce, bEd, mEd, phd as their brain can carry.

4)A working committee should be set up to oversee the filling station and these works of mercy from time to time. Transparency is of utmost importance. No business or activities of this organization should be shrouded in secrecy. All members must be carried along every step of the way.

5) in addition to the international and national excos, there should be board of trustees or board of directors, and a lawyer for checks and balances.

Wa dọmọ niwanrẹn!


We GBO In Spain, wish to suggest the following as part of our contribution to the global GBO community growth and development:

1. A worldwide magazine that promote, edo culture and tradition, businesses, ocassions, adverts, professionals and professions, gbo events and bulletins. This GBO magazine does not accept any religious advert or political campaigns


2. Marketing shops to print, design and sell GBO bags, shirts, bages, books covers, caps, key holders including mobile covers with GBO logos and symbols


3. Tourist information center, torurist guide in Benin city and to build a modern commercial library where collections of edo books and artifacts are keep for tourist.


4. GBO children s park and commercial center.


Victor Osazuwa
GBO Coordinator in Spain


GBO Ireland Agenda to be presented at the GBO global conference in Belgium june 9, 2018.

Ireland members proposals on what they want us to discuss or put on our agenda for the Belgium conference. A master list of all suggestions from member will be duly acknowledged and published before submitting it to the Europe coordinator for collation.


1.We should also strive at negotiating our stolen Bini artefacts from the British via her Majesty the Queen of England. We should register this along with other Bini sons and daughters worldwide.

2.We are of the opinion that we send 3 man delegates to The palace to deliver our aims and objectives to our Oba, and we could also use that opportunity to make him our Grand Patron of our organization.

3. They should remove clause about assistance for marriage and bereavement from the constitution? This I believe should be voluntary otherwise it can cause problems in future. We are matured enough to give assistance without being forced to do so. Or we lay down amount to be contributed by each member honourable coordinator!

4. Apart from the known issue of speaking our dialect is that, we should try as much as we could to influence the teaching of Edo language in our primary and posts primary institutions in Benin. Reason: it will boost the movement of, “let not forget our mother’s land”.

5. Having a GBO TV station in Nigeria and in the diaspora.

6.Building GBO events centre in Benin City.

Above are already suggested by some of our members, please feel free to add suggestions from more members.


Presentation By Mr Chris Enogieru. Ireland GBO member:

Is Nigeria still three major tribes today? the Edo’s need to be identified, our lands and our rights needs to be recognised.

The Yoruba, oduduwa
The Hausa, Airewa
The Igbo, Biafrian
The Edo?….. if we are the Igodomigodo, do we have the strength, one voice, and one body representing the Edo people based on this perspective ?


1. My No 1. recommended objective to this honourable house is that we should stand the Igodomigodo flag. (A group that will be talking for and on behalf of all the Edo people, come rain or come Sun in all matters).

2. To achieve no 1, we will liaise and work with the Palace, and all others rulers in the Benin Kingdom, as far as to the Urhuobo land in all matters.

3. To Promote and Educates our people in all areas of welfare policies and rights thru media’s and regular conferences.

4. Work closely with our Government in all aspects of administration.


Points raised by Mr Nosa Uwaila (USA) at the discussion forum on what should be included on GBO Agenda:

One thing I have not seen in the draft agendas so far, except in one, is how we intend to sell the GBO idea to other Edoid groups, since we know that the other group has been visiting them and having meetings with them

Akalaka had three children names are: Ighoroha also called Ihruoha, Ogba and Ekpeye

Ekpeye’s children are: Ubie, Akoh, Okobo, Upata, Ekpe, Asa and Awala

History of Ikwerre People.


FROM SWITZERLAND GBO Presented By Deborah Agbeyumon

My take on this includes:
1. Creating awareness of good employment opportunities in & outside Nigeria. The more people we have in good positions in/outside Nigeria, d more power we have to speak & be listened to. There r various job vacancies in the UN, World Bank, & other international organizations, particularly for those who have some degrees to their names.
2. Establish vocational training centers for those ready to learn handwork. This can be really profitable, particularly if we assist them to market their products outside Nigeria.
3. Better education by providing basic needs in school (computers, access to internet, good books, more focus on practical instead of theory, etc.)


FROM BELGIUM GBO Presented By Lucky Aghahowa

What are our aims? We have 2 major aim..

1, create security for our ppl And

2, to put food on the table for our ppl.

Then Every other thing can come in like science or innovative.

To get these 2 aims.. I’m suggesting we start searching for our Benin brother or sister all over the world who are very good in all these professions… 1, Security 2, Historian 3, Agricultural 4, architecture 5, Tourism


This is very vital to our movement. Here GBO will be responsible for the security of her ppl, “GBO security” it will creat job OPPURTUNITY HISTORIAN… this person must be very good in our history cos we are going to use our history to attract foreigners to visit our kingdom And to be able to put statute of our hero’s in the location giving by the historian. It will as well creat job OPPURTUNITY.


This will help put food on the table of our ppl. We will get a big hectare of land for any kid of crops that can yield us profit and creat job OPPURTUNITY.


This person should be able to map out Benin kingdom. But we must start from Edo state. I’m suggesting GBO creat round about (ring road) in area where major traffics are congested in Benin metropolis. it will creat job OPPURTUNITY.


This department will work inline with historian and architecture to give us a good location where GBO can develop on to attract foreigners to visit different site in Benin. It will creat job OPPURTUNITY.

All these departments will all work together. We have only one thing in common which is to make BENIN GREAT AGAIN. So we can start searching for these set of people in this different department now, so we can meet with them maybe before or after GBO conference.

Earlier the better. Plans should be going on, we shouldn’t just wait for conference before we start our mission.

Wa hia domor….



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9. Submission by Prof. Alex Igbineweka. Califonia USA.


Here are my suggestions and any of the five or all are winning cards:


(1) Find ways and means of going into private constant electricity supply in Benin City/Edo State. We can find out about Windmill or Powerful Solar system to put an end to irregular power supply system.


(2) Find ways and means to collaborate and assist the Great Oba of Benin and, His Excellency Mr. Godwin Obaseki, the Edo State Governor to actualize the Gelegele Sea Port in Edo State though this may be a long term project but the fruit is everlasting.


(3) Register a GBO Radio and Television broadcasting services in Edo State.


(4) Get a grant or collaborate with an international financing company to build a 5-stars sky-scraper hotel in Benin City. All over the world super star hotels are the first tourist attractions. Most of these are long term project but a journey of a hundred miles stars with one step. I think the broacadsting service could be faster, all we need is an application to the federal government agency in Abuja, and get private or international funding to but the transmitting equipment.

(5) Last but not the least, we can negotiate with some international airline carriers as GBO Airlines operating only international flights.


10. Post by Ose Oshodi from Nigeria.

I think publishing magazines will be a good idea to be generating funds.
The magazine will carry pictures of notable places and persons, events and celebrities we intend to promote, etc.

Each publication can carry at least one or two history of the great Benin, people can start booking space for adverts in the magazine and will be sold world wide to generate steady income



GREAT BENIN ORIGIN PROJECTS submitted 23rd Of January, 2019

By Igbinosa Courage Egbon. Project Officer GBO Nigeria


* Create and build a skills acquisition and educational centre in different parts of edo state and Nigeria for self employment.


* Organise inter sports activities / competitions.


* Organise quiz competition for school (primary, secondary and polytechnic / university’s on edo language.


* Organise Edo cultural heritage festival yearly.


* Organise cultural competition for primary and secondary schools.


* Organise children show your talent.


* Invest on the economic buy organising an environmental sanitation quarterly.


* Organise learn edo language / lectures.


* Create awareness of GBO to the general public.


* Visit to tourist centre in edo and also visit to schools.


* Award to the best students


* GBO Trado-Cultural Beauty / GBO beautiful contest and got talent program yearly.


* To promote cultural heritage by letting people to know about our cultural heritage. And Printing of note books for primary and secondary schools in edo and other part of Nigeria.



GBO Awareness to the general public. Printing of stickers – @ 70 x 10,000 copies = #700,000

Cultural heritage festival
* T-shirt – @ N2000 x 500 participants = N1,000,000
* Communication – N50,000
* Refreshment @ N500 x 500 participants = 250,000
* Publicity – N500,000
* Venue – @ N100,000 x 3days = N300,000
* Miscellaneous – N1,000,000
Grand Total. N3,100,000

Environmental sanitation
* T-shirt – @ N2000 x 200 participants = N400,000
* Transportation – @ N500 x 200 participants = N100,000
* Refreshment – @ N500 x 200 participants = N100,000
* Materials N100,000
* Miscellaneous – N100,000
Grand total N800,000

Learn Edo language / lectures 2days summit
* Opening ceremony refreshments for guest – @ N500 x 1000 = 500,000
* T-shirt – @ N2000 x 500 = N1,000,000
* Publicity – Print media / TV N850,000
* Summit Material – @ 5000 x 500 = N2,500,000
* Venue – @ N100,000 x 2days = N200,000
* Guest lecturers – @ N20,000 x 5 = N100,000
* Miscellaneous – N500,000
Grant Total = N5,650,000

Children show your talent
* T-shirt @ N2000 x 200 = N400,000
* Publicity – N750,000
* Materials @ N4000 x 200 = N800,000
* Venue N100,000
* Transportation N100,000
* Miscellaneous – N250,000
Grand Total N2,400,000

Cultural competition
* Venue – N100,000
* Publicity N800,000
* Transportation N150,000
* T-shirt @ N2000 x 500 participants = N1,000,000
* Award 1st N50,000 2nd N30,000 3rd 20,000 = N100,000
* Miscellaneous N200,000
Grand Total = N2,350,000

Quiz Competition
* Transportation N200,000
* Venue N100,000
* T-shirt @ N2000 x 500 = N1,000,000
* Publicity N750,000
* Award 1st N50,000 2nd N30,000 3rd N20,000
* Miscellaneous N250,000
Grand Total = N2,400,000

Sport Competition
* Venue @ N70,000 x 4 = N280,000
* T-shirt @ N2000 x 500 = N1,000,000
* Publicity N500,000
* Award N120,000
* Miscellaneous N500,000
Grand Total. N2,400,000

Beauty Contest
* Publicity N750,000
* T-shirt @ N2000 x 500 = N1,000,000
* Refreshments @ N1000 x 500 = N500,000
* Venue N100,000
* Miscellaneous N650,000
Grand Total. = N3,000,000




Presented By Madam Meg Okao – President of GBO Worldwide organisation on 26st of January, 2019

Scholarship for indigent pry school pupils is been proposed.

Pupils in primary 2 to pry 6 in govt primary school will be selected for scholarship.

The scholarship shall cover books, uniforms, shoes and tuition if any.

Criteria For Selection

An advert will be aired were pry school pupils will be invited to write scholarship exam. The best ten will be picked and invited for oral interview.

Any pupils on GBO scholarship who fail and repeat class will loose the scholarship.
As the number of GBO scholarship pupils diminish, exams shall be conducted to fish for more indigent pupils that will qualify for scholarship.

Estimated Cost Of This Exercise.

Conduct of exam i. ẹ printing question papers and marking, 10, 000
making jingle, 10,000
airing jingle for 7 days 20,000
Scholarship per pupil per session 30,000 x 10 =300,000
Total 10,000 + 10,000 + 20,000 + 300,000 = 340,000