ORACLES of the heart is born out of Olokun spiritual tradition, culture and customs of the Edos. In Olokun spirituality, the path to understanding his mystical ways is as steep as climbing up the mountain. Those who patiently climb to its top are able to taste his blissful spiritual love which he has preserved for every one. Those who cannot, because of materialism are smashed into pieces spiritually.

Okunists, preachers of Olokun spirituality teach without rowdy conversation. To them, the highest wisdom they acquire is silently conveyed to them. their teachings of the principles of Olokun to some are fantastic and amusing to others it is useless, dangerous and harmful.

Nevertheless, Okunists give out the words as they are passed from Olokun. In achieving the goodness of Olokun, Okunists completely absorb themselves in devotion to him. If you pray to him from your heart about your needs and wants he will give you answer that enrich your life.
Let it be noted here that Olokun Traditional Spirituality foundation has not come to destroy the existing mode of worship.

It exists only to make it to conform with the modern teachings of mysticism and spirituality. When one has insight into Olokun’s laid down principles he always imparts truths as message that lead to perfect life now and during our reincarnation.

Regardless of our country place of birth, culture or customs truth is accepted as the only way to human survival. Once you are truthful you will love your neighbour. Remember, Olokun has no enemies.

How to practice the word “truth” frightens people. Hence they cannot strengthen their conviction in their ways of life. It is no wonder our brother and sisters are now miracle seekers and believers, forgetting that the greatest miracle worker is Olokun.

When we pray silently in hidden places, the answer is publicized in Edo we therefore have a saying “I am going secretly to serve my Olokun. He should answer me in public” literarily it means that if one ask for a child and you bear one you will rejoice in Olokun’s name publicly.

*Thanksgiving is an art, usage and custom handed down to us by our ancestors, divinities and deities themselves. Therefore when we receive a gift from Osalobua* .

Through Olokun, it is imperative we give thanks to Osalobua through the same Olokun for holding such a view point, we know our detractors will call us stupid people, pagans idol worshippers and blasphemers. But we are not bothered. Our advice however, to such people is that they should be patient with us to understand the truths in our spirituality.

As an Odibokun or Ohen of Okunism I advise all Okunists to be fearless in exposing the truth and love of Olokun. They must have a strong close of pride and toughness in the service of Olokun. He is the king mightier than all earthly kings who physically protects and bless Edo people with the fertility of the soil hence, various foods are produced in the land.

Any good student of African traditional spirituality is aware Osalobua create Etebite (man) and Ettegboi (woman) and placed them on earth looking at them, Olokun saw how beautiful and handsome his grand children were and decided to have more children. Later, he said he wanted a king among them who had an immaculate flesh without blemish to be responsible for their existence so he appointed Ogisos to supervise the earth on his behalf.

The Oba of Benin is a descendant of these earth Ogisos. Today he is the pillar of unity as well as the custodian of Edo culture, customs traditions and spirituality. He caries out several rituals on behalf of the Edos to purify the land as well as repulse all negative vibrations directed at his people.

Many people die yearly while others lie on sick beds. If our heads lead us throughout the year without being partakers of deaths and illnesses it behoves us to give thanks to Osalobua. Also we need to pray that the devil does not lead us astray in the coming year.

This is what the Binis call Igue. The Oba’s Palace is the epi-centre of the yearly Edo National Igue spirituality festival and Muslim’s Ka, abah in Mecca. During Igue ceremony festival the spirits of our ancestors return to Benin Igue festival is an occasion of collective meditation over our problems and a time to receive our ancestor’s blessings. Ewere leaves are given out to friends and neigbours signifying unity of love and purpose during this festival.

Igue festival is performed to mark the end of an outgoing year and usher in a new one of fortune. Prayers offered at the festival is like a dove. Thanksgiving is the feather the dove uses to fly to carry out messages to Olokun Sacrifices are also made to propitiate the diveinities and deities most scholars call them acknowledgements or open confessions of gratitude to those who are supportive to a cause.

In Edo land, we have a divinity and three deities known as the group of four pillars that control the kingdom. They are Olokun Ogun, Eyanton and Eziza. Olokun is the divinity of water Ogun is the fire deity. Eyanton is the land deity while Eziza is the wind deity.

This oracle of heart will not be complete without calling on the Binis both at home and in diaspora to perform Igue festival annually-not minding their spiritualitys orientation. Your Osalobua will rejoice with you during the period for not sidetracking your culture, custom and tradition.

So, Edos hear my heart talk. Don’t call your eating plate a bad one or else your opponents will use it as a refuse bin. My heart bleeds for anyone who runs away from his own traditional roots to seek fortune in other traditions. However, it is not too late to return to your African roots and practice Olokun spirituality let us end every year and begin a new one by coming together to celebrate Igue festival let us also worship Olokun.

VIDEO – *Event of Olokun in Benin at Ebohon Cultural Center*

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