Trustee Act 1893

There is generally no requirement under the Trustee Act 1893 as to the minimum number of trustees7 and one trustee will suffice except where legislation provides otherwise,8 although for practical reasons, it is desirable to have two or more. There is no upper limit on the number of trustees who may be appointed but clearly a large number may make the operation of the trust cumbersome and unwieldy. A company or body corporate may act as a trustee. It should be noted that the Revenue Commissioners require that there be a minimum of three trustees, the majority of whom should be residing in Ireland.

Charities Acts 1961 – 1973
There are no specific requirements in the Charities Acts 1961 – 1973 as to the maximum or minimum number of trustees. However the Acts refer to “trustees” as opposed to “trustee” which would indicate that there should be at least two trustees. There are provisions under sections 56 and 57 of the Charities Act 1961 in respect of bodies corporate acting as sole trustee in certain cases.

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