Nosakhare Ekpenede Idubor By Uwagboe Ogieva


13TH OF MAY, 2020

Nosakhare Ekpenede Idubor is a great living soldier of the great Benin Kingdom. A literate and pan africanist whose passion for the cultural revival of the Benin people have influence and challenge thousands of people all over the globe. He is an associate to many Great Edo historians, scholars and pan African icons. He created many facebook groups, websites and forums to teaching of Benin, tradition, history, culture and spirituality.


He donated so many books to the institute of Benin studies in Edo State to update the antiquated books and empty shelfs in the library. Nosakhare Idubor populaly known as EKPENEDE is also an executive member of Great Benin Origins diaspora organisation. He is a leading figure, a great Benin patriot who have dedicated more than 20years of research and publication on Edo people and nation. Enowaen Nosakhare Idubor is currently based in the United State of America.


Comment From Ekpenede:

Uru ese otenmwen.As you know our efforts to wake our people up goes back to era when internet was at infancy.We made sure that Edo narritaves was not told by yariba and that led to me working with Dr.segun dawodu-Osagie to develop the first website for Edo people, There was no facebook,no whatsapp and even the email was not even as fanciful as the ones we have now. Apart from you and Ms Tina Iyare are witness on this group to the days when we had, etc.Osa ru ese



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