Nigeria Should Learn From Ghana And Senegal




Nigeria should allow their traditiónal rulers in power and authorities. Amend their constitution to allow growth and development.


A Ghana friend is telling me why and how Ghana is better country in África.


He told me that ashanti king have more authorities in Ghana than the government. That the king have authorities over land than their government.


This is agaisnt the Nigeria 1991 land use act where power of traditiónal ruler were reduce to be under the power of the state government.


In Senegal their traditiónal rulers have more política influence and power than their government.

Should these be reasons these countries are able to develop and organise than Nigeria?


What kind of slave, colonial education and politics are Nigerians inheriting and practicing in Nigeria?


When is Nigeria going to emulate other Africa Countries to do it right?

Why cant Nigeria just stop all these noise making and gramma of democracy ?


Lets engage the people and their traditiónal leaders to organise the nation from grassroot to open a new dawn of progressive development!


Restructure the country! Engage TRADITIÓNAL RULERS in leadership of Nigeria!.


Uwagboe Ogieva
Secretary of GBO



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3 thoughts on “Nigeria Should Learn From Ghana And Senegal

  1. “I agree the royalties in edo should be the head of state such as the oba. Then the government will be full of prime ministers and premiers, governor etc.
    The queen is the head of state in Canada yet the country has their Independence.”

  2. During the military regimes, the Military Heads of States tactically removed the powers of the kings in Nigeria by placing their authorities under government control. Except for the Benin monarch, the government took the job of removing and re-installing traditional rulers against the old time norms.
    Next, they militarized the youths who, In some lands do not obey their kings anymore. Instead, the youth have usurped the line of authority while the kings and leaders are at their mercy. Having destroyed the obedient nature of the African child in them, the youths have extended that disobedience nationally and so, governance has become difficult nationwide. The lazy youth syndrome was created by those who finds it difficult to manage the same youths they made militant. Unless a good and God fearing leader is in place to reverse the ugly trend which is becoming the norm, the next generation may never know what peace, respect, diligence and moral values are all about.
    +Lawrence Sc Egwali.

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