Mr Nicholas Ogieva Barr Famous Osawaru and Madam Diva Ukponmwan are genius


Mr Nicholas Ogieva, Barr Famous Osawaru and Madam Diva Ukponmwan are genius

They have been since 2018 being very efficient, dedicated and working tirelessly to making sure Great Benin Origins Diaspora Organisation succeed and well establish in Nigeria.


They demonstrated beyond all odds their professionalism, discipline and integrity. With these great persons so many diasporans now believe there are still people to be trusted in Nigeria.


G.B.O. organization are proud and grateful to have them and their voluntary services for the passed two years.


Mr Nicholas Ogieva is a Senior staff of University of Benin, Barrister Famous Osawaru is a trusted professional legal practitioner who have won several cases in court, Madam Diva Ukponmwan is the Great HOD of Edo state polytechnic Usen.


G.B.O says thank you for all your sacrifies to the Edo nation and people at large.


Uwagboe Ogieva
Secretary of GBO

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