Libelous Post Are Not Allowed On GBO Forums

Libelous Post Are Not Allowed On GBO Forums


1. GBO is a well structured organisation that is driven by the Constitution, the executive Council and GBO code of conduct (COC). These three drivers regulate all GBO forums so that it is not hijacked and turned into a motor park where everything and anything goes. Where cursing and swearing and temper tantrums is the order of the day.

2. GBO does not allow any libelous posts in all her forums.

3. Any member that has a report to make about an executive member or any GBO member or subscriber should follow the appropriate channel to do so. The channel is

A) Write a petition on the matter and forward it to the executive Council through the secretary General of GBO worldwide Mr Uwagboe Ogieva.

B) The secretary will present the matter to the honourable members of the EC.

C) The matter will then be referred to the disciplinary Committee DC for appropriate action after due deliberation.

4. No member is allowed to defame another member no matter how authentic your evidence is. Only the EC has the power to discipline erring members.

5. Any member that paste libelous posts about another member, whether its true or false, such member will be sanctioned. COC of GBO has spelt out the disciplinary action that will be meted against offenders. Whatever information or fact or evidence you have against any member pls forward it to EC and let the case be established properly.

This organisation is made up of intellectuals, we don’t condone misguided utterances. If you see something or hear something put it in writing and forward it to the EC. Let’s love one another, let’s protect one another.

Pls always visit GBO website to be abreast with the constitution and COC, news bits and events.

Editor in chief GBO worldwide

3rd of December, 2018

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