When in 2017 I openly expressed my worries about the complacent composure and hibernation mode HRH the Obi of Aboh placed himself for so many years, you’ll find that it is a great disservice to Ndokwa in general and Aboh Kingdom in particular. The history of Aboh under HRH Obi Ossai in the ancient times was so intimidating to every other kingdoms around except the Oba of BENIN who is the prime head. He captured Richard & John Lander and released them only after British sent delegate to him. His kingdom’s navy ruled both sides of the Niger from coast to Idah.
Many smaller Oba and Obi that respected the Obi and Aboh Kingdom hitherto, have, by way of social influence outshined Aboh and are in position to draw projects directly from FG and State government with ease. Human popularity is characterized by love & relationship. Yesterday’s way of doing things, leadership not excluded, have changed so much in our contemporary digital global world.
Our elders say that anyone who distances himself at a bonfire where people are publicly roasting individual yams must know that his yam will be pushed away and set aside the main 🔥 fire.
The history of the entire Ndokwa cannot be comprehensive without the mention of great history of Aboh or it’s being well exposed. I say this because the other areas of Ndokwa do practice government by the eldest man -Gerontocracy. Visiting top national leaders are much likely to discuss with a king rather than other forms of clan head.
It is also clear that most tribes of the eastern Niger crossed through Aboh/Ndoni to their permanent settlements of today. Yet, without flaunting such historical facts, the ones we nurtured for years before crossings became possible are now taking us as the ones they nurtured; however, due to their population 💥 explosion. Make nationwide celebrations, invite your kind, give out public titles, travel out to celebrate others, pay official visit to state government etc. Your history of greatness is not in doubt so soar high without looking at anybody’s eyes.
The current Oba of BENIN HRM, is doing a new thing; after all tradition & culture are dynamic in nature; except custom. HRH the Obi of Aboh, please try doing something new to bring back the glory and majesty of Aboh Kingdom and Ndokwa in general. Thank you!
BY Lawrence Sc Egwali.
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