By Richard Osarodion and Chief Omo Osagie Utetenegiabi

Chief Omo Osagie Utetenegiabi
Richard Osarodion – Director of Folkslore
Why Edo use red attire during marriage
Audio Advice In Edo
Irhiabe ighi gue enikaro
Orhue vbe umwen explained by Nosa Ogunamen

Orhue vbe umwen explained by Nosa Ogunamen – 10/02/2019

Message From The Palace To All

Message from the palace to all Great Benin Origins / Descendants worldwide

Ikpianbor Vbe Edo

Ikpianbor Vbe Edo

Translated names of fingers in English to Ẹdo.

1). The thumb finger – Ikpianbọ n’ogie
2). The indicator warning finger- Ikpianbọ n’ọsekhae
3). The middle finger – Ikpianbọ n’adesẹ
4). The ring finger – Ikpianbọ n’oroka
5). The little finger – Ikpianbọ n’ekhere



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