IDUGIE (Idudje) THE ROYAL DANCE OF OWA(ika people).

The Idugie dance is the royal dance of kings and chiefs in owa kingdom, in Ika North east local Government of Delta state. It is usually done towards the end of the yearly igue and ibiewere festivals in OWA kingdom.
The chiefs usually file out according to their ranks, in well dressed in beautiful attires and well beaded. They dance and turn, while their teaming supporters also beat drums and dance with them.
This dance is performed by the chiefs and kings holding the Ada (cutlass). And Eberen(scimitar ),dancing to various melodious songs such as
Ewere Ewere gbe oyoyo De le,
Ewere Nbom yoyoo.
And songs like Obazuaye iyare ooo, Obazuaye eee,
And Ojenebo iyare ,etc.
But the rule of the idugie is that the Ada and Eberen being thrown up by the chiefs or king must not fall to the ground as this is regarded as a bad omen, which shows the impending evil that might befall such chief or the king.
Finally the chiefs will dance towards the Obi of owa and hand him Ewere leaves, while the Obi(king) will hand the chief some native chalk as a sign of blessings and purity.
While doing this the obi will be praised as –
Agbogidi iyare,
Ojenebo iyare
Agwo ekirika iyare
Amungbirigban iyare,
Obi nitor neyin fe, Isee.
This is one of the most important dance in OWA kingdom.

Solomon Omogie.

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