Ideals About GBO Italy Conference By Dr Charles Omorodion

The programme for the Italy conference should be discussed and agreed by the Executive Council on this platform and should not be left solely to the host country.


Please correct me if I am behind on this issue. I feel that issues such as GBO new office in Benin and employment of staff are routine matters that can be discussed and agreed on this platform subject to funds. The resolution of the Executives can then be tabled at the conference for ratification or vote.


The Italy conference must address at least two or more critical issues that affects the people of Benin extractions either in Beninland or diaspora or both.

We cannot travel from one country to another taking risk and spending previous time and money just to debate what we can deal with on this platform.


Lets identify serious issues to address but in doing so we must focus on what is possible or realistic within our present or expected resources rather than pursuing idealised or phantasmagoric projects or issues.


We can start by identifying the problems confronting our people and how to tackle them. This is what will differentiate GBO from other talking shops.


For example and with all due respect, ENA Worldwide has been conferencing for over 15 years now but what is their impact on ground?

We must learning from the experiences of other groups and avoid organising an annual jamboree that makes no meaningful impact.


I saw a brilliant video clip done on Benin kingdom public monuments recently by GBO. I will be glad to see GBO championing further campaigns to raise awareness of why and how we should or can respect, protect and maintain these tourism assets, monuments and attractions. We can use the conference to debate this issue including how to raise funds to restore, resuscitate and preserve these monuments for today and future generations. We can partner with Edo State MACTDA to employ restorers to look after this heritage monuments.


We can even encourage schools to incorporate these monuments in their history classes.

We can look for other similar critical issues to conference on.

We explore how to encourage international manufacturing companies to locate factories in Beninland and create jobs and wealth.


Italy is renowned for leathers shoes and bags we can use our influence to get these companies to locate an outlet in Beninland as well. It will give them access to low cost wage or labour.


Sanitation is poor in our marketplaces. We keep wondering why there are high incidences of hygiene related illness in our land. We can campaign to ensure that all markets are cleaned daily after each market days and get government to meet their obligations. We can start by doing a documentary on the sanitary situation of our markets and use this to highlight the health impact on Benin people. We can then use this video to draw public attention to the need to keep markets clean daily. I was disgusted to see huge piles of rubbish in our markets with maggots and other health hazards on human health in my last visit to Beninland.


Nonetheless, if we are merely going to Italy to discuss office and staff employment, I dont feel it would encourage some of us to attend given that some of us have been down this road before.


Dr. Charles Omorodion


Quote  “Pls  I want to say a  program Director GBO Worldwide, lets us follow our programme on ground, I will not welcome member introducing their own program on this platform without my concept” unquote

Statement like this though understandable, but can earnestly kill off innovation, member’s enthusiasm to engage, introduce or even contribute new ideas or programmes to GBO.  Our modern world is advancing through a creative destruction process. This means that as new ideas emerge old ideas become obsolete.

Please don’t take this assertion as unconstructive criticism of your person but see it as my contribution towards enabling you and us to fully appreciate your role as Program Director.

As the name implies, the Program Director GBO Worldwide directs not control or stop a project on its track, you elicit ideas and encourage member’s contributions and participation in debating the viability of such project or programme. You synthesize, organise and collate ideas approved by Executive Council relating to a project’s proposal or existing projects. You use such information to advice the EC on the feasibility or practicability of such idea(s) or project(s) taking into consideration the projects timeframe and available human, financial and physical resources of the GBO. You liaise and work with other team leaders including finance, PRO, Research etc., to build a cross disciplinary consensus and to ensure you have the right information or proposal to present to the EC that will enable it to make a meaningful decision going-forward.

Quote “I will not welcome member introducing their own program on this platform without my concept”, unquote.

It is the EC responsibility to decide on the aforementioned statement and not solely yours. You can advise EC or discourage members from distracting the EC from the projects on ground or to refocus EC on what it has started, based on the limited resources at GBO disposal but you should not impede or stop innovation or innovative ideas on this platform because as I said earlier, “Our modern world is advancing through a creative destruction process”.

Once a project has been approved by the EC, it is your responsibility as Programme Director to ensure you work with other EC post-holders to generate the necessary resources that is required to execute such project(s). You are also responsible for monitoring and directing all project activities and to ensure all projects remain on track in order to achieve its stated goals and objectives. You are also required to report to the EC on each project progress, mitigating factors and achieved outputs or outcomes as often as required.

Once, again I am only lending my little knowledge and experience here because beside my involvement in teaching MSc Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) and BA  Business Studies (Mobile App entrepreneurship)  modules, I also lecture MSc Project Management at London South Bank University. I see my role here as helping members to appreciate their roles and responsibilities to GBO membership and EC.

In regards to GBO vision, let me first start my appreciating and congratulating all of you who have worked assiduously to get GBO this far. We are getting very close to establishing a truly worldwide organisation that can speak for, and on behalf of the people of the Benin origin, similitude to the likes of “Ohaneze Ndigbo, Arewa, Afenifere etc.

There is a big void in our national and international representation because the Beninland or Benin people lack a unified voice that speaks or represents her at national and international levels. Though, we have our Oba and Palace, but there is a degree to which these institutions can voice their true feelings in  order not to be seen as playing politics. We can learn from what just happened in Kano, when the Emir of Kano was systematically minimised by the Governor.

In regards to the Italy conference, we must use this conference to position GBO in the hearts and minds of the world that we are the authentic representation of the Benin voice on all national and international matters. We should use the Italy conference to address our minds to one or some of the following burning issues:

1.       How to stop the killings of Benin by herdsmen – security issue,

2.       Responding to the Iyaw’s people attempts to annexed Beninland in Ughoton and Gelegele areas,

3.       Addressing the lack of jobs for our teaming youth population,

4.       Advancing solutions to the snowballing crime and kidnapping incidences in Beninland and Nigeria as whole

5.       Discussing the drift from rural to urban areas in search of illusive jobs and prosperity,

6.       Campaigning to stop the physical abuse and battering of women (marital abuse),

7.       Campaigning to stop female genital mutilation (FGM)

8.       Addressing the debasement of our culture, image and revere traditional institutions on social media,

9.       Exploring ways of resuscitating our abandoned public monuments and tourist attractions

10.   Educating our people on the calamity from attempting to cross into Europe from Libya

11.   Engaging government to rise up to its responsibilities to providing an environment that is safe and conducive for learning by repairing all dilapidated school buildings in Beninland.

12.   Making our marketplace safe from contaminations through daily sanitation and cleaning of markets

13.   Contributing our views to the ongoing Nigeria restructuring debates

14.   Many more.

These are my humble submission for the EC consideration. These issues and many more can become part of our work in progress. What we have started is far bigger than our current imaginations.

“Congratulations! We are pleased to advise you that your company, FORUM OF GREAT BENIN ORIGINS IN DIASPORA LTD has been formed.

Company Number: 12007405

The registration certificate and online logon details will be emailed to the secretariat later. We also need to amend the standard article of association with our version through a special resolution. Other people that did not send their details can be added by the General Secretary later. We currently have 14 Directors.


Dr. Charles Omorodion



Egua tu wa Ivbiedo,

Any house that is divided cannot stand. Any group that is desunited will fail and will not achieve any goal. Any group with too many unliked minds will swin in circle. There is too much negative vibes on this platform. Why some are attempting to build others are causing confusion and cast aspersions, insults and negetive innuendos.

Every contribution you make here is either building or killing GBO and the enthusiasm of ardent supporters.  A minor issue of financial control has sparked venoms and ill feelings among friends and folks.

No position is permanent in GBO or any democratic organisation. The founding members of organisations usually control key positions until more members are recruited and positions are dispersed more fully among the membership.

The key issue in the ongoing discussion has very little to do with token but trust, power and control because some people have started to visualise a brighter future for GBO.

There are several control mechanism that can be put in place to safeguard  GBO finances.

First, GBO finance and assets belong to GBO and no one else.  If you hold or manage such finances or assets you are only acting in the capacity of a steward for the time you are elected or appointed to do so.

Second, if you use your details to open an account you do so because GBO mandates you to act as their representative at the time.

Same mandate can change and be given to other people because it not a personal account. The bank has dealing with “the organisation” which has a separate legal entity  from the operators of the account.

Third, the relationship between members whereas it is important and sacrosanct but to drag this into a worldwide discussion is presupposing  that the people concerns are not trusted. This is rather unfortunate because such relationship were probably known before these people were appointed or elected to their respective offices.

Fourth, who holds the token or don’t has been overflogged  and debated to the degree that it was allowed to get out of hand and people have started to insult each other directly and indirectly.

To overcome this problem here are my suggestions.

1. The bank should be written a letter signed by the Presiden, General Secretary and Financial Secretary stating that any withdrawals from the account that is more than #5000 Naira or amount agreed by the EC per transation per day day should send automatic alert to the Vice President who will immediately approve or decline such transaction.

2. Any multiple withdrawal from the account in any single day should attract similar action or follow similar procedure from point 1 above

3. All online banking transaction, particularly withdrawals should be alerted to the same designed vice president for approval

4. All direct debit from the account to be communicated to the designated person before such direct debit are approved by the bank.

5. The Financial Secretary to provide a monthly  income and expenditure report to EC stating the follows:

*GBO income and expenditure report*

Bank opening balance 00

Income received  cash or cheque  or transfer:
(State names or sources):

(A) Total income in the month :  00000

Expenditue incurred in the month
(B) Total expenditure in the month. : 000000

(C) Balance on monthly account = A – B :   000000

(D) Balance on the bank account : 0000

This balance must be equal to the bank closing balance.

If there is a difference between “C” and “D” the financial Secretary must state the reasons in the note to the monthly income and expenditure  report

This could be due to cheques that has been given to a recipient  but had not yet be presented to bank for payment or not yet cleared by bank.

Or cheques given to GBO that has not been deposited into the GBO bank account as at the date the account was prepared.

Copy of this statement must first be presented to the President and General Secretary and EC.

*Other matters:*
The EC main responsibility is to manage GBO effectively. Any member that consistently bring GBO WhatsApp discussion to a disrepute  must be sanctioned.

We need two moderators. If the moderators feel a matter had reached the maximum limit of discussion a yellow card is presented to stop over flogging it. If the person continue to disregard the moderators a second yellow card is issued and after which a red is finally issued and person will be suspended from active discussion or participation in the WhatsApp for a week or days depending on the severity of the offence.

People that persistently bring the group to disrepute will be accorded the same treatment and sanctions.

Any bad or offensive remarks or language to follow the same procedure.

There must be a decorum in this group otherwise serious people will leave and GBO will not be able to focus on serious matters or achieve its stated goals and objectives.

GBO will be the most effective and progressive organisation if only we expend or use the same level of energy to discussing serious matters as we do on trivial or personal issues

Dr. Charles Omorodion

29 may 2019

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