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“A culture that does evolve with time and civilization will never improve and remain stagnant. Every culture changes with time. changes that is always lead by the younger generation. In my opinion this is what the Edo culture lacks the most. For example for generations we’ve been experts in bronze casting and arts, how have we improved on these skills? What have we discovered or invented to export that can better lives all over the world? As much as it is important to maintain our unique culture, we should also examine it carefully to discard what’s imperfect about it. Instead of dwelling in history we should be thinking about the future and the future generations, give the youth a voice and a chance to lead us. The elders need to stop stymying the young people so they can feel free of mental slavery and not be timid when they mix with others. This is the way we can satisfy the need to produce critical thinkers amonst ourselves.



By Uwagboe Ogieva

“Good questions Duke Wellington, the core of your approach is for the general well being, growth and development of Edo people and nation (Home and away) and answers range from Education, industrialization, economy, politics (government), culture, language and spirituality including a national vision for future excellence of Edo youths and children yet unborn. Edo history is ok and thanks to our ancestors.. Agree Edos are face with modern challenges ranging from modern science and technology, best exploration of their natural, mineral and human resources, including effects of imported moral values, culture, Christian religious indoctrinations, and western academic cultures. ok, in your own view and ideology: How do you suggest Edo people achieve these enormous task of mental and physical development, considering the position they are now in the body politics of Nigeria and in diaspora? How do Edos get the best of their unique culture to open a new revelation to future civilization? I thank you?



We are EDO people (Edo n’uzomo). If that fact cannot be changed, then every other thing should be left the EDO way”. The language, tradition/culture mode of worship & dressing, ceremonies, festivals and anything that identifies us as Edo people and not otherwise must be proudly upheld, embraced, promoted and not to be abandoned or replaced by a foreign concepts!

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