*Great Benin Origins In Diaspora Organisation Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary And Worldwide Conference In Rome, Italy, 17th Of August, 2019*


By Uwagboe Ogieva
18th Of August, 2019


It was a bright sunny day, with a clear cloud, like a gradual coming together of giants for a great united front working in unity and harmony to achieve a specific goal and objective, Great Benin Origins worldwide came from 4 continents dressed in gorgous outfits to make yet another history.


Great Benin Origins(GBO) In Diaspora Organisation is a socio-cultural organisation that stands to unite idu’s descendants from all works of life for sole purpose of positive cultural revival, creative idealogies and economic advancement. 17th of August marked a memorable day of one year anniversary held in a theatre hall at Via Selene 47, Torre Angelo, Rome Italy.


Present at the ocassion was Dr Stephen Ogbonmwan the guest speaker, from united Kingdom, Dr. Charles Omorodion represented by GBO coordinator of United Kingdom Elder Osehi Ikhilor, President priest Harrison Imafu Okao, Ohen of Holy Aruosa Cathedral due to some understandable reasons could not make the conference from Nigeria but called through a mobile communication to address the audience, expresing his gratitude and support for the organisation. Mr Tony Onwudiegu, dressed in his beautiful Ukwuale atire admonished the scene. The Uyioghosa cultural troupe were never tired of blessing the people and ceremony with their melodious interludes of Edo cultural songs and folkslore. Elder faluyi Osunde, the coordinator of GBO in Italy with madam Rita Iyinbor did so marvelously in coordinating , planning and preparation of the events. Many heads of associations and clubs were present. Lots of important dignitaries were present. Ozedu of Italy gave a beautiful duet and Edo traditional dance display. There were lots of vehicles to move people and goods around as members volunteered to assist in the free flow of transportation.


G.B.O President Meg Okao Addressing the audience in her welcome address emphasise the purpose of GBO organisation, encourage members to join and register with the organisation as a sure way of bringing about desired impact for a sane and productive society. Award was given to Dr Stephen Ogbonmwan and Mrs Jessica Pat Otote for their sefless contribution to Edo people and nation. GBO executive office certificates where issued to respective persons. Mr Victor Osazuwa with his usual witty jokes thrilled the audience with humor and smiles as the MC of the Occassion.


Two book were launched at the ceremony, one by Uwagboe Ogieva the secretary general of GBO organisation, titled “The Genesis Of Great Benin Origins”and another Book by Mr Emokpae Odigie who is the GBO Ireland coordinator titled “When Reason Is On Vacation”. GBO t- shirts, face caps were also distributed. There were so much to eat and drink. Much love and sharing among members and guests at the event as the Roma based DJ sound some of his best music selection.

New members collected printed GBO organisation forms, registered and paid their organisation Idcards towards the close of the ceremony.

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