GBO worldwide wish to announce that registration of members is ongoing. Subscribers are hereby encouraged to register and obtain the organisation Id card whose production will start soon. We apologize to those who have registered and paid their idcard fee but have not recieved their card. This was as a result of some logistics breakdown between the organisation and the ID card company.


With the increase in the number of newly registered members, the company handling the production of the cards have been ordered to start producing new GBO idcards. We also use this medium to appeal to all persons who have not yet register to avail themselves of the opportunity to do so at




Benefits Of Being a Registered Member Of GBO:


1. Can vote and be voted for
2. Can be assisted in terms of logístics, and voluntary donations if the need arises as decided by the executive body.
3. Can participate in execution of organization projects and engagements.
4. Can be a GBO agent or partner in investments.
5. Can be a member of the Executive body that partake in decision making and implementation.
6. Can advertize your product, services or profession on GBO Worldwide forum.


Great Benin Origins is building the biggest community across states, countries and continents, Uniting Idu’s Children Worldwide To Promote Culture And economic Development of great Benin kingdom.


Be a part of this moving train. Lets live and build the community we all desire to make great again.




Thank you so much


Ọba gha tọ kpẹre


*Uwagboe Ogieva*
_Secretary of GBO_

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