The president, and other fellow GBO family members,

Good day.


Recall that the feasibility of the water project has been on for some time. Feasibility cannot be concluded in a partial format. A feasibility report is released based on holistic incorporation of the features of a feasibility study, of which the cost of land is an integral. Hence the feasibility is still at its feasibility processing stage.


Before proceeding, let me express my appreciation for the effort our president Engr. Isaac Igbinosun and all other GBO members have expended in the previous site acquisition bid. Mistakes are never totally ruled out of projects. There is also no perfect project planner, executor or monitor. It is on this basis that projects are well scrutinised from its grassroot via its cultivation, up to and throughout its life-span. If I may comment on the Owuo community site, beside the cost that is too exorbitant the location is not feasible. Furthermore, the size of the proposal also falls within the infeasibility realm. I put this statement here so that we can take it a s a guide or a lesson.


From the minutes of the meeting between GBO representatives and of Owuo community, one Mr Osabuohien, advised that “GBO should not just talk and talk and not back it up with action” this permits me to highlight that features that may hinder GBO from its project realisation excluding individual financial contribution unwillingness, the distance of the location and the size are principal factors.


All members of GBO live in different parts of Benin City – Siluko, Ekewan, Sapele, Sakponba, Lagos roads etc. Again, we all live in different parts of the word. The least distance is Europe, those who live in US, Canada etc are farther, it is unreasonable to having travelled all these kilometres, take more than 300 kilometres from Lagos to Benin, and then again embark on another very distant kilometres just to see how a project is doing, is not tenable. If such site is free, GBO can have it for palm tree project as example. One of the core objectives of GBO is culture which may include cultural dance, exhibition etc attached to GBO secretariat since it has been unanimously agreed that all GBO projects including the secretariat must dwell together in the same environment. Distance, if too far may eliminate this from GBO map on the long run. Cost of transportation of equipment, cost on the side of individual members of GBO who would want to visit the site, on ground site monitoring transport cost, personnel training access, parts replacement ease of access and transportation, availability of technical know-how personnel and ease of their transportation, the list is endless. All these may combine their efforts, hold the wheel and frustrate the mission. They will all amount to a mountain. In any industrial or call it project establishment, proximity is a vital criterion. It must be accessed easily and comfortably. If a project is in an uneasily accessible location, the beginning may see some effort, but over time, it will return to its original forest state. Trust me.


GBO is not ripe for 100 acres of land, it is still at its youth. As highlighted above, all GBO projects must be in a single location (As agreed), but care must be exercised not to over stretch the strength of GBO so that the projects will not end up being a mere illusionary utopia. Four plots of 100 square feet makes an acre. If one cost only 50,000 only and we required 100 acres, that will put the total price on N200,000 times 100 acres resulting to 20m, an equivalent of €50,000. This is not a small amount (except there an error in my estimate).


Quality is the core of all projects’ success. A hungry man can never give you a good work. I recommend therefore to pay for the transport and a mean (1 plate of e.g. rice, water or soft drink) for GBO representatives who may include our 3 principle family members: Mr Ogieva Nicholas, Barr. Famous Osawaru, and Madam Ifueko Ukonmwan) on any visit they make to any site. It is however better to use phone to ask important question before embarking on a site visit. However, this must be well documented. The cost of the land should be the first question and must be bargained fervently. This will show whether we will go ahead in the first place. I recommend a maximum distance of 30 km radius from the heart of Benin City. (closer, cheaper better). Any zone (direction) may be fine, but the topography of the location and every other environmental assessment must be done to avoid contradictions to environmental laws. The later may be limited to the peripheral for now, but questions maybe asked for any archaeological and monumental presence. The legal portion must not be edged. questions must be asked to ascertain its problem-free status. This implies questions like “is there personal or communal conflict in the area? Asking people in the community and surrounding ones will reveal this condition. The approximate population of the location, the number of surrounding villages and their respective approximate population, the current competitors already existing in the area, electricity status and its source if exist, current type of water usage and the source etc should be accessed and brought forth to my personal email ( for evaluation. The table provided shows all these parameters for ease of implementation.

GBO must start her investments small and grow with it. For all social and cultural activities of GBO, a maximum of one acre (200ft by 200ft) is enough while a maximum of two acres (200ft by 400ft) is adequate for all other economic activities of GBO for now. These put together is an equivalent of 3acres (200 by 600 feet). As we grow and make profit, this can discretely increase to infinity. The world has advanced, technology has advanced as well, massive land is no longer a fundamental yardstick for the success of an investment. Well managed and equipped, reasonable land can bring forth, a huge economic seed.

Engr. Aghadiaye Ayo

Director of projects, GBO world-wide.

Feedback report to be submitted by 10/09/18



Barr. Famous Osawaru Suggestion:

“I would have suggest we buy only four plot in the one with C of O In Idogbo by pass for Secretariat and water plant project since the area is in town and some plot from Ekosa community sapele road close to Secretariat for farming since palm oil is already on it just to maintain it and continue harvesting”


GBO Members in support :

1. Barr. Famous Osawaru
2. Diva Ukponmwan
3. Don senator
4. Engr. Aghadiaye Ayo
5. Nicholas Ogieva
6. Meg Okao
7. Engr. Isaac Igbinosun
8. Victor Osazuwa
9. Uwagboe Ogieva
10. Elder Faluyi Osunde
11. Uyi Asemota
12. Friday Obasuyi
13. Joy Kythouka
14. Emokpae Odigie


Please notify good if you support above suggestion..

Then again…

Going by Engr Aghadiaye earlier submission.

I assume GBO will be in two location at Idogbo 4plot and at Ekosa 10plot,

I assume in Ekosa 10plot for farming will be sold for 400k per plot instead of 500k. Meaning 10plot = 4m.

I also assume 4plot at Idogbo for sec and water company with 1m per plot = 4m
GBO Total plot = 4plot at Idogbo and 10plot at Ekosa amounting to 8million in total.
8million /20 = 400,000each
8,000,000/40= 200,000each
8,000,000 /80= 100,000each
For me this is ok.


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  1. “This is (gbo) business, the name may be dedicated to GBO, for the sake of unity, only stake holders are share holders with binding legal agreements and connotations. In this case anyone can invest what he or she can depending on the availability. GBO may enjoy some reasonable percentage from the profit depending on the agreement. Nobody will be willing to invest for anyone who have not shown any financial commitment to this project.”
    – Engr. Isaac Igbinosun (President of GBO worldwide)

  2. “A hungry man can never give you a good work. I recommend therefore to pay for the transport and a mean (1 plate of e.g. rice, water or soft drink) for GBO representatives who may include our 3 principle family members: Mr Ogieva Nicholas, Barr. Famous Osawaru, and Madam Ifueko Ukonmwan) on any visit they make to any site.”
    – Engr. Aghadiaye Ayo – Director Of Project GBO Worldwide. //22/08/2018

  3. “GBO as an organization should look inward to itself in matters of urgency such as this for self sustenance. I Know you are cognizant of the white man’s scheme when it comes to things pertaining to subventions. The tactical beaurocracy that is employed by the developed nation in respect of their dealings with developing nations still potrays neo colonialistic measures of expliotation used in the past. Countries that crossed the line of economic dependency made a lot of sacrifices by themselves without begging. GBO will not be a begger. We will raise ourselves above our narrow economic confines and prove ourselves worthy of what we stand for. This land project is attainable, hense it’s acquisition is achievable if we pull our resources together rather than solicit for funds from the EU, which we all know is not feasible at this moment. I will call on the entire GBO members to make a drastic move to actualize this project at hand with an undimished intensity of purpose to make our people proud of us.
    Venture are made and planned gradually. With our numerical strength diligent and selfless contributions from all members will peg the aquisition of the landed property at a very minimal cost per head if we are really prepared to contribute individual. After the aquisition of the land in the course of time we will continue with developing the land. It is attainable. We don’t have to beg for funds from other organizations. We can do it ourselves.
    GBO have been thriving on self sustenance ever since the starting of this organization. String were pull during Belgium conference, the town hall meeting with the governor and the first Nigerian meeting without begging. Kudos to our efforts. We can pull this strings again without flinching. Lets avoid this drag and work with be a United sense of purpose. The aquisition of this land is not a gargantuan task GBO can pull it at a go if we are collectively willing without stress. Let’s dare this venture without further delay. We are capable of buying this property by minimal collective input. Up GBO.

    – Victor Osazuwa
    GBO Media & Communication Director

  4. I think the fear people have expressed here over this issue are very valid. What has been suggested resembles what a cooperative should be doing not a socio cultural organization.

    There are over 200 people here, too many to be called a partnership. so before any money is donated or deals brokered the laws of forming a cooperative should be looked at, drafted and signed
    Lawyers should be brought in

    I know there is a lawyer working on it already, however the org was registered as a socio cultural organization not a cooperative.

    A cooperative can be set up side by side this socio cultural org.
    That will invoke the laws of a cooperative into the picture. Thus some of the issues that might arise over money in future will be resolved using the laws governing a cooperative not a socio cultural organization.

    However there is also the issue of time in all of this as our lawyer has intimated because the land will so sold on a first come, first pay basis

    But while donations for that is on going, modalities on formong a cooperative can be drawn up later.

    By Nosa Uwaila

  5. He might not be making sense to a lot of people but I think his idea is extremely valid and I share in his views. This needs to be giving strong considerations by the executive council or even the general house..I have been following this recent event on acquiring a land to build pure water company and farms to generate income for GBO and feed our poor EDOLITE….Are we not disgressing from our IMMEDIATE purpose as a socio cultural group….I am sure if we told people here before adding them that we are going to be starting a business as soon as possible to fund an NGO to promote the culture of our Empire we would probably bè having less than 50 members.I know a lot has gone into this land project and I do believe we have a temporary secretariat which was commissioned in less than 2 months. Can we not focus on creating awareness and promote our culture first working from the recently commissioned secretariat before thinking of starting a project that is not immediately attainable and self sustaining?

  6. Eyea!!!! We should build 4 flats, 2 flats, 100 flat, 6 bed rooms, passage house, rooms and palour… Where has it led us to????? Can you dance without happiness???? Happiness can bring success, success cannot bring happiness. What will make you happy!!! Preaching with empty stomach or filled? My brother nobody will follow your culture when there is no good thing to show-up for, where is good, tartar roads, batching-batching everywhere, lack of money, no work, nothing good to make the culture lively, we will still be backward like since 1960 we said we will do this or that when we have money, when we are rich… Till today no richness done come, no money done come. Please my brother let’s start to build and all other things will follow without forcing them… A European man will not tell you he has culture and tradition, have you asked why? Pay your 10€ Monthly we will use it to promote the betterment of our culture and tradition.
    10€ can be billions tomorrow. And even generate wealth that it will never be dried. It will be an iroko of money. The hidden treasures. It’s a continuous money than one money come and go no investment or achievement at the long run. We should start what we bring us all together and Brin more people from every part of the world. That we make you and I not to stress in asking for money everyday or everytime. That is what the white-man are doing… They collect taxes of 0.5cent to develop something of millions and millions… So we can do it too. And that is the only system to get us together. While we the executives works behind doors. If it fatal us to donate more than 20€, supportive of 50€, 100€, 200€,500€… Or equal payment. Maybe level ourselves a specific amount. Like this land is 4m, then 14 has said yes… Divide it equally…

    Base on best location agreed upon for GBO secretariat that will be an ultra modern 3 storey building with Library/museum, conference hall and GBO office the 4 plot at Idogbo community at Ikpoba Okha local goverment area was accepted and will be purchase for the organisation.

    (a) 20 persons are needed to provide 500euros each to amount to 4million.
    (b) 40 persons will need to provide 100k each to make 4million.

    GBO appeal to all subscribers, members and executives to see to what they can donate to the course of the acquisition of this GBO land.
    Everyone is expected to submit his or her donations or contribution on or before 1st of November 2018.
    GBO organisation also appeal to all members for the error on last attempt to opening GBO account.
    we hope to get that resolved as soon as all papers are completed.
    We urge all donors and contributors to use GBO provisional account we have been using till present.

    NIGERIA: Kingsley Ogieva : FirstBank Plc Account Number: 3027744513
    EUROPE: Kingsley Ogieva: IBAN : BBVA – ES78 0182 7205 1102 0152 6127

    Names of Voluntiers :
    1. Barr. Famous Osawaru
    2. Diva Ukponmwan
    3. Don senator
    4. Engr. Aghadiaye Ayo
    5. Nicholas Ogieva
    6. Meg Okao
    7. Engr. Isaac Igbinosun
    8. Victor Osazuwa
    9. Uwagboe Ogieva
    10. Elder Faluyi Osunde
    11. Uyi Asemota
    12. Friday Obasuyi
    13. Joy Kythouka
    14. Emokpae Odigie
    15. Gloria Aghahowa

    Please notify your participation ….

    Thank you so much,
    Together we are greater

    Oba gha tor Kpere!
    Uwagboe Ogieva
    GBO Secretary
    On behalf of GBO Executive Council

  8. Good Evening and Happy weekend my fellow GBO members for quiet some time I have not been fully participating in the chat room due to my visit to South Africa 🇿🇦

    Haven’t return back from that journey I went through all members contributions in writing and voice audio record I discovered that something is lacking and that which is lacking will be talked about at the end of this writing

    First I think we have to revisit our constitution and find a possible amendment to contain some excesses in our way of behaving towards this group

    Secondly we have being proposesing without no reasonable money in our account I believe we have to focus now on how to raise money into our account which can be in a transit account either here in Europe or prefarably Nigeria and I don’t understand why we are talking about project without raising the money first that is never done anywhere

    Thirdly the bitter truth is that all these debate will we less if we focus on reality because some of us can debate from now till whenever but the moment levy is place on everyone the ink in their phones will be immediately finished so now that theses responsibility is not yet in place we will continue to see these types of behaviour and if situation warrants that we remain 2 or more commited members in this group there shall be no regrets as long as we understand our aims, objectives and goals

    In conclusion I believe we should resolve and stop the current debate on what and what not to and task ourselves now with 500 euros with time duration through this we can really know how many we are in GBO and begins to push and focus on what we want thanks everyone.

    Friday Obasuyi
    GBO Belgium Coordinator //26-08-2018

  9. My little contributions to all these issues raised by members of GBO after careful consideration are:

    1. Let GBO focus on our main aims of social cultural promotion, seminars, scholarships for students, sponsoring radio programs and other things related thereto to make Benin great again

    2. If possible raise money to get just 2 plot in Idogbo community land with C of O 2million for secretariat and other GBO cultural projects now that the place is developing and in the best location bcos land keep on increasing in price.

    3. Register a cooperative society call GBO cooperative society which will be a voluntary unit of GBO where any willing members can join for purpose of investment like this pure water project, building event centre, farming and so on for the purposes of business and a WhatsApp group will be created for that for the interest of all her members

    4. Make monthly due and donations compulsory for all members for the promotion of GBO activities

    5. Set up a committee that can help solicit for fund internationally and locally for GBO

    This is my little contribution I want the committee set up my our digital president to consider in their recommendations.

    Barr. Famous Osawaru
    ( legal advisal GBO)

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