The attention of Great Benin Origins [GBO], a socio cultural organisation involved in the promotion of great Benin traditions and cultural heritage has be drawn to the use of the semblance of the Benin Royal costumes by YEMI Alade in her recent music video. This costume is solely worn by the great Ọbas.


GBO organisation upholds the integrity of the great Benin kingdom and thus voices her displeasure over this ugly incident that is designed to ridicule our highly held culture and tradition. The video is offensive and an insult to the kingdom. We believe that there should have been more adequate research done regarding the importance as well as taboo of not only wearing this particular attire, but also with the holding of the EBEN.


We are also aware that some foreigners who may not have knowledge of such highly valued culture of the Edo people attempt to use any opportunity they get to make fun or ridicule Edo tradition and culture.


We hereby solicit that Yemi Alade and all involve in the production of this offensive video to please take down the video.


We love her and simply demand she respect the culture and traditions of the great Benin kingdom.


Thank you.


Ọba gha tọ kpẹre!


The Executive Council.
Great Benin Origins Worldwide.

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