GBO Nigeria Meeting   at No. 16 Jemide Avenue, off Giwa Amu street (beside CGMi Miracle Centre), off Airport Road, Benin City on Sunday 20th January 2019  at 2:00pm.

Minute of Meeting of GBO Nigeria held on Sunday 20th day of January 2019 at Benin City, Nigeria.

The meeting started at about 2:45pm with opening prayer led by Mr. Emokpae Odigie, Ireland based GBO member.

Members in attendance are:
1. Mr. Emokpae Odigie
2. Mr. Nicholas Ogieva
3. Mr. Lucky Aghahowa
4. Mr. Famous Osawaru
5. Madam Derby Ohonbamu
6. Mr. Osayuki Iyasere
7. Mr. Uyi Omosefe
8. Mr. Ebiuwa Evbuomwan
9. Mr. Igbinosa Courage
10. Mrs Nekpen Aghahowa
11. Mr. Timothy Omobude
12. Marvelous Aghahowa
13. Mr. Uyioghosa Iyasere

Absent with Apologies
(1) Diva Ukponmwan
(2) Osazee Edobor
(3) Loveth Okuonmwendia

Members was asked to introduced themselves with their position which was done orderly. After introduction of members Madam Derby gave us a brief lecture on culture and admonished us to know the important of our culture which is quite different from Religious, in addendum some members gave their contribution on why they joined GBO and the cultural important and what we can do to move GBO forward.

Mr. Ebiuwa Evbuomwan urged GBO to partner with him as a software Engineer who is set to launch Edo mobile App where you can shop and buy Benin Art works online to showcase our rich culture to the world. He however, said that he is almost at his climax in launching the Edo Mobile APP and urged us to partner with other researcher to produce Edo Dictionary.

Mr. Timothy Omobude also admonished us to always gives our children Benin names and how to greet in our languages from childhood stage.

Mr. Lucky Aghahowa also join his voice to admonished members to be committed to GBO cause and tell members about the history of GBO right from Ogieva, Imasuen and others era.

Mr. Courage Igbinosa, GBO Nigeria Project Officer highlighted some of the projects he would want GBO to embark upon this year.

The Nigeria coordinator assure us of active GBO account operation and said Barr. Osawaru has given us one company reference needed that we are only left with one reference.

Mr. Timothy Omobude further advice us to write a courtesy visit letter to the Odionwere of Ogheghe Village in Benin Auchi Road immediately after Aduwawa and Idokpa community requesting for his audience and request for land to build our secretariat, he assure us that the Odionwere is a lover of Benin culture and good hearted person who can easily give GBO land, promise to reach him for a date to visit him and also urged us to visit some other communities close to Benin City for similar request.

We also agreed to visit the secretary to the Oba of Benin at the Palace.

The Nigeria coordinator informed the house of some vacant positions which needed to be occupied by members and some members volunteer to occupied the vacant position stated herein under as follows:
a) Loveth Okumwendia was appointed as Benin Coordinator
b) Mr. Ebiuwa Evbuomwan was appointed as Secretary of GBO Nigeria
c) Mr. Osazee Edobor appointed as P.R.O. GBO Nigeria.

The meeting ended at about 4:56pm with a closing prayer said by Madam Derby Imuwahen Ohonbamu and group photographs.


Written By Barrister Famous Osawaru


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