The minutes of meeting held at GBO temporary office on Saturday 8th December 2018

The meeting started @ about 11am.

There was an opening prayer by breaking of kola nuts done by Barr Famous Osawaru, the drinks for libation was poured by Mr Lucky Aghahowa.



1 Nicholas Ogieva.. CD GBO Nigeria

2 Derby Ohonbamu … financial sec. GBO Worldwide

3 Aghahowa Nekpen… welfare officer GBO Nigeria

4 Uyi Omosefe… member

5 Aghahowa Godwin… member

6 Lucky Aghahowa
Program director GBO worldwide and coordinator Belgium

7 Ukponmwan I. O.Diva… Editor in chief GBO worldwide

8 Barr. Famous Osawaru Esq. Legal adviser GBO worldwide


It was resolved that On the 22nd there would be participation from GBO members at the Palace by wearing branded T-shirts and dancing in the Palace and later move to the Edofest venue on that same day.

It was resolved that there would be customized GBO T-shirt. There would be a logo of GBO at the front side of the T-shirt and at the back ‘uniting idu’s children’ would be written. The colour of the T-shirt is Red&White. The T shirt will be given to participants free. Fifty pack of rice (ize-oko). was agreed to be served accompanied with water and drinks.

On the 30th of Dec, GBO will join the ọba at Holy aruosa for thanksgiving for a successful igue festival.

ID card issue was brought up by Mr Nicolas Ogieva. That the turn up for members in Nigeria is low because of the fee for ID card which was deemed as be on the high side. Suggestions were made to reduce it to #2000, #4000 or 5,000, it was decided that the matter be referred to the EC for final resolution.

There was a proposal to nominate somebody to assist the coordinator GBO Nigeria since he is not finding it easy to combine full time govt work with running errands for GBO events and programmes. Nobody has be picked yet due to poor turnout of members.

The account opening was discussed and it was revealed that all the documents needed for the opening have be assembled so hopefully this week, we shall have GBO account number.

Adjournment was moved by Mr Uyi Ọmosẹde and was seconded by Mrs Derby Ohanbamu.

The meeting then moved to front of oba Palace where GBO congratulatory banner was hung opposite the Palace after a mild drama. Then members dismissed.


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