GBO medical missions shall be a non-profit making venture. It shall be established to better the health of indigent citizens in our communities in the Edo nations.

GBO medical missions shall ensure high quality medications and adequate follow-up on some cases when necessary.

GBO medical missions shall provide men and materials (Drugs, equipment etc) to be used during the community visits

GBO medical missions shall use the best of brains in the discharge of its duties to the communities. This shall make our medical missions standout when compared to other medical missions.


GBO medical missions shall employ a labour force which shall be on a part- time bases

GBO medical missions shall not handle any complicated medical or surgical case in the field. Such cases shall be referred to a tertiary centre. Minor ailments shall be diagnosed and treated in the field.

GBO shall conduct free screening on patients who have not displayed any sign of ailment. Free eye screening, free dental check, cancer screening, hepatitis, syphilis, HIV etc.

GBO shall conduct free counseling, seminars, health talk, interactive sessions as part of the field work.



The medical missions shall from time to time visit communities in the Edo nations to meet their health needs, using Benin City as a pivot to the other communities.

There shall be laboratory investigations, medical treatment, and if possible surgical interventions for poor citizens in the community.


All vital information about patients shall be confidential and kept safe in the records.

The medical team shall ensure best medical practice in a typical Nigerian setting to handle all cases under our care.

All workers shall be paid for their services while patients shall access free medical care and attention at each outreach.

GBO medical team shall visit schools (secondary, tertiary) to conduct free screening, enlightenment program on substance abuse, alcoholism, abortion, rape, STI and other social vices as it affects their health.

The health challenges of the elderly shall be addressed and a way to assisting them shall be our focus e.g. Hypertension, DM, PUD, Dementia, Parkinson disease, Depression etc.


The young children in the communities shall not be left out, give mineral supplements, deworming, treatment of scabies, immunization, give insecticide treated nets etc.

The pregnant women shall be given insecticide treated nets, calcium supplements, folic acids, iron tablets. All aimed at preventing anaemia in pregnancy. Hygiene and general cleanliness shall be addressed.

Toddlers are not left out, mineral supplements given, encourage cheap and good nutrition by parents, immunization services. Hygiene and general cleanliness encouraged.


GBO medical missions shall ensure proper community sensitization and proper community entry, involving the heads of the various communities before embarking on any medical mission in that community.



The work force shall involve The Director, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Pharmacists, Health Facilitators, Record staff, Lab scientists, cleaners, security men.



Drugs and equipment needed ranging from BP apparatus, glucometer, thermometer etc, shall be made available by GBO. Medical consumables shall also be made available.

Feeding of staff for the period of the mission shall be made available by GBO. T shirts for staff, ID cards for staff, souvenirs, outfits, gowns for staff shall be made available by GBO. Photography, video coverage, renting of projector, generator and fueling. Printing of case notes, handbills, banner, cards, prescription paper shall be done by GBO.

GBO medical missions shall ensure water supply, electricity supply, proper disposal of consumables and adequate security at each medical missions.



With the above write up, we shall make GBO great and an envy to so many, If we can put into action all our plans. The health of our citizens shall improve greatly. The unnecessary and avoidable deaths shall be brought to the nearest minimum. We shall work as one team to put smiles on the faces of our people again. We shall continue to give a helping hand to our citizens in any way possible. Thanks.

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