GBO Celebrate Edo Fest 2018

Great Benin Origins Worldwide Organisation Celebrate Edo Fest 2018. Kingsquare, Ringroad, Benin City. Edo State



By Uwagboe Ogieva
22nd December, 2018


As part of yearly celebration of Edo people’s igue festival celebration usually held at every year end , The commisioner of art, culture, tourism and diaspora affairs, honourable Osaze Osemwingie Ero, with the Edo state governor his excellency Godwin N Obaseki coined the most colourful and all encompassing talented and cultural extravaganzas EDO FEST 2018, starting from 17th December 2018 to climax on the 22nd of December 2018.


Great Benin Origins organisation was specially invited and call upon to feature in the EDOFEST being one of the most progressive among the numerous diaspora organisations in recent times. The Fest also saw participations of many other organisations, cultural groups, Nollywood actors, Important dignitaries , among whom were Deputy Governor Of Edo State, Honourable Philip Shaibu, Prof Patrick Obahiagbon, Palace chiefs and many clergymen at the event.


GBO special team who were dressed with EDOFEST t-shirts with face caps , where led by Mr Lucky Aghahowa , GBO Program Director Based in Belgium, Miss Derby I Ohonbamu, GBO Financial secretary, From Ireland, Mr Nicholas Ogieva, GBO Nigeria Coordinator, Senior UNIBEN staff, Barr. Famous Osawaru, GBO Legal Adviser, Miss Diva Ifueko Ukponmwan, GBO Chief Editor, Mr Uyioghosa Joshua Iyasere, Mr Godwin Aghahowa and many other GBO members currently visiting and residing in Nigeria.


Great Benin Origins Organisation have demonstrated once again their readiness to promote African culture and tradition. Work with ministries and institutions for revival of positive and innovative prospects of the Great Benin Kingdom rich cultural heritage. Culture of course is one of the most dynamic and unique aspects of a people’s existence and a strong binding cord that glue the society and her people together in unity. It has also over the years directed the path and way of behavior and life of the people; it also coordinates the activities of the social lives of the people.


Great Benin Origins Organisation is a socio- cultural organization that embraces unity, development and intercultural integration among members of ethnic nationalities historically and culturally linked together in the old Great Benin Empire of West Africa.


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2 thoughts on “GBO Celebrate Edo Fest 2018

  1. Commentaries:

    From Mr Lucky Aghahowa (18-12-2018)

    We were the best today… We were so matured.
    GBO was on the original T-shirt printed by the Edo fest organiser and not like others who printed t-shirts own their own.
    Do you know how many ppl where asking us where they can get the T-shirt?
    Do you know we were the 1st organization to teach all other organization were and how to hang their banners cos we set the past..
    Do you know a lot of ppl were willing to join us and which we wrote their name down so that we can admit them.
    More and more…
    So pls let us believe in ourselves and not by crowd it is all about good idea.
    The best is always good for us.
    So I want to thank my able president for his constant calling and motivation, she has always be supportive from day one, thank you My able president.
    And want to thank my able Nigeria CD mr Nicolas Ogieva who has always be there to see it become successful and my black beauty Queen madam derby who never get tired to push us high with her encouragement, time and support to see it become successful, thank you sir mr osunde Italy CD your call was superb… Uwese daddy.
    I want to Thank everybody for coming and for those who supported us in cash and in kind, thank you all… Luv you all.
    The best is only what we care for.
    More are still coming and by etin osanudazi we will surely get there… So pls we should not be tired to do more
    Oba gha tokpere iseee

    Lucky Aghahowa
    Program director and CD Belgium GBO worldwide.


    From Engr. Aghadiaye Ayo (18-12-2018)
    Wa dọmọ ni wanẹn; Iho mwan vbe ni diẹn, wa ọbẹ ghẹ na ye o. Itu wahia.
    Yesterday saw the successful completion of the first step of Great Benin Origins, GBO world-wide participation in the ongoing Edofest. The organisation was accommodated in the official home of the Edo festival with face capes carrying the inscription “GBO”, and a White T-shirt, both from the real source. It is worth confessing that the look of the symbol on the shirt is slightly unbefitting; however, the general outfit of our able men and women who represented us, and their respective comportment showed the actual elegance of GBO: as an organisation of developed minds, and a citadel of good governance. With this inertial, it should not surprise anyone if GBO performances in the subsequent involvements result in winning at least, an award.
    With no ill conception, but a mere observation, some organisations were seen barking around the streets and hanging out like new and homeless refugee seekers. This is one of the unique avenues where GBO showcases her difference as a standard world-wide organisation.
    Allow me my dear and great organisation to express my gratitude to our able president, Mrs Meg Okao, and Baba Osunde Faluyi for the support given to our team on ground as referenced by our relentless programme director, Mr Lucky Aghahowa. Our great Nigeria coordinator, Mr Nicholas Ogieva, Madam Ohonbamu, Barr. Osawaru thank you for your evergreen efforts. Madam Diva, I release my thanks to you too, for I know if not for official assignments, your presence would have been felt at the level of earthquake sound. Mrs Aibiokula Okao and your unwavering praises, thank you Madam, you are wonderful. Mrs Iyinbor Rita, koyọ o Madan, your overwhelming diffusion is a great source of vitality. Our great mother, Madam I. Juliet, widely referred to as mama Ireland, thank you for the hands you join to ensuring that GBO succeeds, not only in this Edofest, but in all other aspects she desires to pursue.

    With that brief prelude, the entire members of GBO-worldwide, your efforts and participation model are well appreciated in this time of celebrations

    Thank you all

    Engr. Ayo Aghadiaye
    Vice president
    GBO wide-wide
    From Elder Faluyi Osunde (18-12-2018)
    Etenmwen niwanren wahia latose kekvbe etenmwen nikpia kekvbe nikwo wahia obowie. I want to thank every member of GBO worldwide that made GBO great in Edofest and also those that couldn’t make it but will be joining the group next time,
    I want to also thank our honourable President Mrs Meg Okao, our honourable Vice President Engr Aghadiaye Ayo, our honourable Sec General Mr Ogieva Uwagboe etc wahia uruese kakabo etenmwen noghan nimose of GBO worldwide family akugbe. Please I want to appreciate our honourable brother Mr Nicholas Ogieva GBO coordinator Benin for a great job Weldon in spite of your tight schedule, thank you so much my brother, uruese. Osanudazi kekvbe edionedo odebamahia.
    Umogun ghato kpere Isee.

    Elder Faluyi Osunde
    Chairman DC and GBO Italy Coordinator

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