As the CEO of Otedo.com, web and app expert of about more than 15years experience in media business, I think professional web and app experts with good tele/online marketing and networking have taken over the media business. The future media seems to be driving that dirrection too. Most magazine companies in the west are now updating to online media marketing and app. The future magazine business will be online and app.

Information consumers read and explore news and updates today more on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, destops and community informations installation in business center, institutions and public places.

GBO For Now Can Empowered Their Website By:

1. GBO online market (to sell tea shirts, materials, etc )

2. GBO regular correspondence, reports, news and publications of featured invents. Get freelance writers and voluntary corespondence.

3. GBO online Edo language publications and periodic lessons

4. GBO paid advert page for the public

5. Lastly when the organisation is big enough to pay for app , then they get GBO app for both andriod, window, etc..

Uwagboe Ogieva

Secretary of GBO Worldwide

10th of december, 2018

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