Electoral Committee’s criteria to accredit prospctive electoral candidates :


1) Must have filled and Submitted GBO’s membership form.


2) Must have Payed GBO Registration Fee.


3) Must have obtained GBO’s Identity Card or show proof of Id & Registration payment.


4) Must be a regular participant and contributor on GBO Social Media Forums.


5) Must have been admitted and accredited as a bonafide GBO member for not less than 3 months.


6) Must have attended GBO’s annual Conference and attend her important or emergency meetings,

Note :

Point # 6 is only applicable to the Offices of The President, Vice President, Secretary and The Finacial Scretary, other positions are exempted.


7) Must be a person of good moral standing and integrity.


8) Must have fulfilled and complied with the payments of GBO’s annual dues of the previous year.


9) Must have a genuine interest to serve and function appropriately in designated office.


10) Must be ready to uphold the constitution, bye laws and regulation of the association.


11) Must fervently promote the aims and objective of GBO.



• The President and Vice President’s offices must be alternated between a male and a female member for the sake of gender equality(ie, If a Man is elected President, a Woman assumes the Vice President and Vice Versa).


• The Secretarial office must be managed by a competent personality that must be available at almost every annual conference meetings, forum proceedings and Executive Council’s deliberations. Possession of basic secretarial skills will be an advantage.


• The Financial Secretary’s office must be managed by a person with high integrity and also knowledgeable in basic calculation or accounting, coupled with financial record keeping abilities.


Approved by GBO Executive Council

6th of March, 2020

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