Very often life is not about what we used to be but what we are right now and what we are likely to be in the future. Roman Empire once ruled the world, taken over by the Great Britain and now, America is the big thing in world supremacy; may be the Great Benin Kingdom if we all rise up to do the needed things to be done today, rather than self complacency of our great time in history. Time is well over due to lay the unnecessary imbroglios about the supremacy between Edo people and Yorubas/Ife kingdom to rest.


These kinds of debate are wasteful and unproductive to the Yorubas and Edo families at home and abroad. Instead, let us compete for supremacy in peaceful co-existence, traditional values, socio-cultural development, course syllabus on how to avoid greed, Guosa zonal unified lingua-franca development https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apEbZ3Vnaeg&t=179s and above all, science and technological advancement to challenge the world powers like South Korea, the United States of Americas, Europe etc.


Let us debate on how the Esan Igbabonelinmin acrobatic show can be showcased in an international olympic festival, how Igun-eronmwon in Benin can fashioned out high-tech world appliances, let us compete for clean money powers, not bribery, corruption and loothing public funds, let discuss how to help and finance our talents and inventions, let us display how Nigerians can obey the laws of the federation etc. and lots more are what is called “universal supremacy”.

Prof. Alex G. Igbineweka,

Guosa language Evolutionist, Creator

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