Edo-African Food Culture – Jollof Rice

MOST of the foods that are prepared in native way are very nutritious and healthy. By eating them we can stay physically fit, feel better, and prevent many illnesses. There are many healthy and nutritious foods that are prepared in native or local way and native jollof rice is one of them. Native jollof rice is packed with so many essential nutrients that promote good health. It contains all the nutrients that meet the body’s daily nutritional needs. This dish is rich in carbohydrate and protein. It also contains vitamins (vitamin B1, A, C, E.) and minerals which can boost the immune system and protect one from many common illnesses. Eating native jollof rice provides the body with enough energy levels and enhances the function of the immune system to fight against diseases and infections. Regular consumption of native jollof rice promotes healthy skin, protect and cure dysentery. Another key benefit of eating native jollof rice is that it helps one to maintain a healthy weight. Native jollof rice is recommended for children and those that carry out strenuous activities to help provide energy. Eat native jollof rice today and stay physically fit, feel better, and prevent many diseases.
Ingredients Quantities
Rice 3 cups
Beef (boiled) 8 pieces
Fresh tomatoes 6 medium size
Fresh pepper 2 table spoons
Onion (fairly chopped) 1 large bulb
Curry powder 1 table spoon
Thyme ½ (half) table spoon
Tomatos puree 1 tin
Palm oil 2 cooking spoons
Maggi cube 2
Water 2 liters and beef stock
Salt To taste
Method preparation
Grind or blend tomatoes and fresh pepper
Heat the palm oil for few minutes
Add the beef and fry till golden brown remove from hot oil and set aside.
Fry the ground tomato and pepper
Stir and fry till the sourness is off
Add the onion and tomato puree
Stir and add water and beef stock
Wash the rice thoroughly and add to the pot
Stir, add the curry powder, thyme.
Cook for few minutes
Add the maggi cube
Stir and add salt
Simmer till rice is cooked, but stir at intervals.
Remove from heat and garnish with fried meat, onions and sweet pepper.

Source; http://ihuanedo.ning.com/group/healtheducation/forum/topics/edoafrican-native-jollof-rice

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