Donate To GBO Meeting In Nigeria



GBO is on it again to congregate first meeting in Nigeria

Date: 4th of August 2018

Delegates from diaspora will be attending the meeting.


Part of the activities are

Opening of GBO Nigeria secretariat,

Visitation of the oba of Benin

Inauguration of GBO Nigeria executive.

Adoption of Belgium conference resolution

Registration of new members.


Appointment of GBO Nigeria administrative secretary

As you all know, GBO is a worldwide organisation. We love and care for ourselves anywhere in the world.


4th of August is yet another making of history

GBO is calling her members and subscribers once again to support financially.


Please donate anything you can. Nothing too small or too big for us to have a successful meeting.

You can donate in naira by sending your donation to Nigeria account or donate here in euro by transfer through your bank into the euro account in Spain.

All members and subscribers should please endeavour to attend the meeting to chart a progressive course for Benin kingdom. Let your voice be heard for your opinions and suggestion matters to us

Save the date 4th August


GBO…………. Akugbe.


Thank you so

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    Donations so far tells we are a great people, that with collective effort and dedication we can do it if coordinated with all sincererity. Victory is closer than we think to regaining the pride and excellence of Great Benin Kingdom yet again in our generation.

    GBO meeting was planned to officially ellect GBO executive members in Nigeria, make some renovation and decoration of GBO secretariat for official opening. Pay a short visit to the palace to seek for his approval or acceptance as GBO patron earlier appealed to him via official letter. Again to know if his royal majesty recieved the beautiful plague presented to his royal majesty at the GBO Belgium conference 9th of June, 2018. In same meeting was also to inform his royal highness of GBO future visit of members and executives planning to visit probably same year or time GBO holds their annual conference in Nigeria.

    A budget less than 200,000naira was propose to handle logistics and preparations which have expanded expenses.

    GBO Nigeria planning commitee and the president have been receiving calls of more special dignitories willing to grace the occassion. Some of the renovative and equiping of the secretariat went of estimate. The GBO sign post along Okha – Sapele road have been done. The secretariat completely painted new. Preparations have been expanded to cover other dignitories who have notified their coming to the event. There will be video and photo coverage to document all proceedings. GBO shall also be recieving honourable elder, chief and cultural icon, Omo Osagie -Utetenegiabi cultural troupe at the event.

    The budget is now runing to about 400,000naira and what we have recieved so far is 170000naira.

    At this point I want to call on everyone or anyone who wish to join in the making of this historic event to please “Fi Obo y’ekpo”. Help GBO help Edo people and the Great Benin Kingdom. Every donation to GBO organisation is properly documented. GBO is alive because we all wants it to work for all our collective good. Lets do it once again!

    Donate any amount you can to join others make history! Send or transfer your donation to FIRST BANK ACCOUNT : Kingsley Ogieva – 3027744513

    Wa hia ru ese kakabo

    Oba gha tor kpere!

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