Declaration of interest for GBO presidency by Madam Meg Okao 2nd of November 2018

The Executive Council And Members Of Great Benin Origins,


I greet you all from the bottom of my heart. In the course of movement in this noble organisation GBO,

we have worked together to tensure that the bonds that binds us never looses its grip. That is the reason our motto is founded on the universal unity of Idu’s children which is our foremost goal. We have passed through difficult times holding our hands in one accord and overcame the flames of seperatetion and defeat. It was on that faith of resilience and hope we stood to uphold our constitution that formed the bedrock of GBO’s solid foundation; that uniqueness will never be surpassed by any personal agenda from anyone.

It has been thirty seven days our ex President Engr. Isaac Igbinosun abandoned office and the mantle of leadership fell on me, however that responsibility was a circumstantial one which was never premeditated.
Invariably, I thank the entire Executive Council for having faith in me to pilot the affairs of GBO when it was necessary to do so.

Therefore considering the many counsel to do the needful, I Meg Okao hereby accept the mantle of leadership of Great Benin Origins as required by our sacred constitution to step in as substantive President of this organization .

I declare my trust and loyalty to you all as your sincere sister in service.

I will serve for the remaining time as stipulated by our constitution to complete the required tenure of office in Great Benin Origins. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Meg Okao,
Acting President,
GBO, Worldwide.

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