We the members of Great Benin Origins do firmly and solemnly resolve to provide for ourselves a constitution and to be governed therein contained.



The Name of the organisation is ‘’ FORUM OF GREAT BENIN ORIGINS IN DIASPORA”. This organisation has two addresses for its operations.



Head Office:  Almansa 51, 4-2 08042, Barcelona. Spain.

Correspondence Office: First Floor, 21-23, Woodgrange Road, Forest Gate, London, England, E7 8BA


Nigeria Office

G.B.O. Secretariat. No. 30 Igun Street, Benin City, Edo State


1. GBO is Great Benin Origins, it is a diaspora organization that shall strategically engage activities in Nigeria.

2. It is a socio- cultural organization that embraces unity, development and intercultural integration among members of the Great Benin Kingdom before 1897. This shall involve Exchange of programs, lectures, sport activities, competitions, tourism, intercultural festivals, arts and science innovative projects and investments in Nigeria and in diaspora

3. GBO organisation is non violent, completely abhors politics and religion in its entirety, its not a freedom fighting group, nor secession group. Her primary objective is to unite all Idu’s children and igodomigodo descendants who were and are spread all over the continent for historic and econimic reasons, reintegrating in understanding our Great Benin Ancestries, who built the empire together before Invasion 1897 by the British.


1) To unite all Igodomigodo descendants worldwide, organize them into a structured and organized institution, collectively design strategies for their socio cultural and economic development and promotion.

2) To promote Great Benin traditions, cultural Heritage and Beliefs.

3) To bring all Benins and Benin Associations under one big united platform, while maintaining their individual/Association goals.

4) To do every other things necessary as it relates to development of its members and Great Benin national interest.



Anyone by birth or association with Great Benin Kingdom can become a member


Types of Membership


There are four main types of memberships:

(i) Associate Members:

Associate Membership is non-voting, but as members, Associates can submit ideas & business plans participate in all reviews of their submissions and participate fully in all Membership Meetings relating to their Initiatives. This provides a unique advantage to network with other stake holders of the organisation.

Associate membership is free for the students and age group 17 years and below. Submission of valid Identity Card is mandatory for this Membership.


(ii) Individual Members:

Individual Membership is with voting rights and is entitled to hold office and contest election for the office bearers of the country, regional and global chapters. As members, individuals can submit ideas & business plans participate in all initiative reviews as well as participation in all Membership Meetings and Initiatives. This provides a unique advantage to network with other stake holders of the organisation

Individual membership is a paid membership and individuals from Academia and Industry like Educational Institutions, Universities, Research institutes, Corporate Houses, Self Employed, business persons, captains of industries, Professional bodies, Government aNon Government organizations can be admitted.


(iii) Organization Members:

Organization Members are commercial or non commercial organizations and all Benin associations that commit to working towards sociocultural integration, innovation, entrepreneurship skills and social accountability for their internal development initiatives and/or act strategically building initiatives, products and services, These organizations want to participate and influence in the development of the Corporate Social Initiatives. This is a paid membership.

Nominees of Organization Members have voting rights but are not entitled to hold office nor contest election for country, regional and global chapters. As members, representatives can submit ideas & business plans participate in all initiative reviews and participate fully in all Membership Meetings and Initiatives.


(iv) Honorary Members:

Eminent members of the education profession or persons of high scientific attainment or managerial practices or captains of industries residing in any country but of Benin origin and any prominet Benin chief may be nominated as honorary members (if so approved by the executive council). Members desirous of proposing such members must send details of the person with contact information to the Executive council. The total number of honorary membership in a Chapter irrespective of country Affiliating/ Regional or global shall not exceed 10 at any time. An honorary member will not be entitled to hold office or vote at any meeting. This Membership is strictly by invitation only.



A. To Be a registered member of GBO organisation:

Fill and submit GBO membership form online.

Pay your GBO Socio I.d card fee and you will be given a booklet of the constitution and GBO I.d card. Anyone who did not submit their form and pay their idcard fee with all necessary obligatory fees and levies of the organisation cannot enjoy the organization’s benefits. You must join GBO socio media forum or attend their meetings.

B. Benefits of being a registered member of GBO are :

Benefits Of Being a Registered Member Of GBO:

1. Can vote and be voted for
2. Can be assisted in terms of logístics, and voluntary donations if the need arises as decided by the executive body.
3. Can participate in execution of organization projects and engagements.
4. Can be a GBO agent or partner in investments.
5. Can be a member of the Executive body that partake in decision making and implementation.
6. Can advertize your product, services or profession on GBO Worldwide forum.




The hierachy of GBO shall be;

Board of Trustees (Chairman, Secretary, Treasure Secretary and Other Board members)

Executive council {President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasure Secretary, Financial Secretary/Accountant, Welfare officer 1&11, Director of Media and Communication, Program/Events Director, Chief Whip/Provost, Director of Cultural Integration, Director of Tourism, Director of projects, Regional Coordinators[Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Africa], Country Coordinators [USA, UK, Nigeria, Spain, Germany etc]}


Other offices are:

State Coordinators, Local government Coordinators, Fórum Coordinators/Admins, Chief Editors/Editors/Translators, Legal Adviser, Coordinator of Sports, Coordinator of Science and Innovation, Policy Development and Research Coordinator, Auditor 1&11, Secretary GBO house Nigeria.

Each Regional and Country Coordinators shall appoint their secretary and Treasure Secretary/Accountant and this will be ratified by the Executive Council.


The structure of the organization shall be a decentralized structure with election of principal officers into the executive council while other offices shall be by appointment/normination. The President of the Executive Council is the ceremonial head of GBO worldwide.




Provide the organization with sound governance, fiduciary and strategic oversight, and direction.

Oversees the operations of the organization, ensuring that the public’s trust is upheld, the mission addresses a community need, the practices are ethical, and legal requirements are met.

Be responsible for assuring the financial integrity and solvency of the organization and establishing procedures to safeguard the organization from fraud and risk.


Officers of the the BOT

ia. Chairman:

The Chairman is responsible for leading the board in practices of good governance. Not only does this individual set the tone for the rest of the board, he or she shall be highly visible representative of the organization within the community. 


ib. Treasure Secretary:

The Treasure Secretary is responsible for overseeing the financial operations and assuring that board members have the information they need to be effective fiscal stewards of the organization. Often this means regularly reviewing financial statements and assisting in preparing and sending the organization’s budget to the full board.


ic. Secretary:

The Secretary is responsible for ensuring that accurate minutes of the board meetings are kept. The Secretary creates the minutes.




This is the highest decision making body of GBO, All decisión taken here are final.

They approve and ratify matters concerning GBO and its activites. Appoints board committee and task force chairs

All executive offices are elected by 2/3 majority.





This is the  head of the executive council GBO worldwide. He is the ceremonial head of the organisation. Must be a visioner and astute believer in the cardinal objectives of GBO. This office is by election at any GBO world conference, eligible for two terms if re-elected and later serve in the EC as ex officio member.

Vice President

This officer shall assist the president in running of GBO worldwide.



Takes minutes at GBO worldwide conferences. Holds the documents and insignia of GBO. All correspondence to and from GBO worldwide is through this office. Its by election.

a.Keep attendance record, minutes and records of executive meetings, annual meetings, general meetings and extraordinary meetings…

b. Shall be a cosignatory to the group account.

c.carry out all secretariat duties of the group.

d. keep proper records of all matters affecting the group.

e. have in custody the groups property but provided that such use is approved by the chairman and members of the group.

f. carry out other functions that may be assigned to him/her from time to time by the chairman and the group.


Assistant Secretary,

Assist the secretary its duties.


Treasure Secretary

This office is in charge of the treasury of GBO world wide. All monies are in its possession in a dedicated account which its a signatory to. Its by election. Individual who holds this office must be a person of integrity with no criminal conviction/s


Financial Secretary/Accountant

This officer must be a qualified accountant in order to fully carry out the duties of this office which requires collating accounts, all incomes and expenditures must be properly written to facilitate audit. Its by election. Individual who holds this office must be a person of integrity with no criminal conviction/s


a. Operate a bank account open by the group with the name of the group for the purpose.

b. Keep financial statements of account and keep records of payment and withdrawals and reasons of such.

c.Collect all monies due to the group.

d. Be a cosignatory to the account and be the one to get alert on any withdrawal

e.shall give a financial report to the house at anytime it is requested for with prior notice.

f.prepare a balance sheet and submit his book to the group and the auditor at least once in a year.


Welfare officer 1&11

These offices are in charge of entertainment at GBO world wide conferences. They make arrangement for conference venues, accommodation of delegates, refreshments at conferences, visas, tickets, car/bus rides etc.

They refer matters of members needing financial assistance or otherwise to the executive council after thoroughly investigating that they are genuine cases. They help GBO dole out assistance in cash and in kind to needy members of the society.


Director of Media and Communication

This office is the image maker of GBO. It manages the image of GBO through its timely updates of GBO website, sends out information concerning GBO activities. Sensitizes the public on GBO and what it stands for.

a. To be responsible for the publicity of the group.

b.Receive official visitors of the group and maintain a register of such visitor

c.Arrange press conference as directed by the group.

d.Should be in charge of the group publication.

e. Carry out other related functions.


Program/Events Director,

This office plans events. It suggests to the EC what event can be organized within a period of time


Chief Whip/Provost

This office maintains orderliness during meetings. Reprimands meeting disturbers and ensure no break out of fights and quarrels during meetings. It ensures there is proper decorum during meetings and conferences.


Director of Cultural Integration

This office showcases the rich cultural heritage of BENIN. Must be ready to collaborate and represent GBO at all festivals of arts and culture worldwide. Plans and execute cultural events within the scope of GBO


Director of Tourism

This office attracts tourist from all over the world to great Benin kingdom. It shall work with historians to draw up ancient sites for tourist attraction. It shall be responsible for the planning and execution of all tourism activities worldwide.


Director of projects

This office shall be in charge of planning, execution, monitoring and supervision of GBO projects in Nigeria. Should ensure that all projects are executed according to GBO specifications.


Regional Directors[Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Africa

They shall organise and coordinate GBO meetings and activities in their regions. They shall have their own secretaries and Treasure Secretary if the región control more than five countries. They shall work with their respective country directors to achieve GBO cardinal objectives.


Country Coordinator [USA, UK, Nigeria, Spain, Germany etc]

All the country coordinators shall be answerable to their respective regional coordinators. Depending on the number of members in each country, they shall have their secretary and Treasure Secretary. They shall organise and coordinate GBO meetings and events in their domains.



All activities of the regional directors and the country directors shall be monitored and supervised by the EC

State Coordinators, Local government Coordinators;

Uphold and defend the constitution of the group.

Be the first member chief executive and spokesman of the group.

Coordinate, supervise and harmonize activities of the group.

Preside over all meetings of the executive council and shall summon through the secretary, all general meetings, annual meetings, extraordinary meetings of their group.

Present the budget estimate on anything being undertaken by the group to the house for consideration.


Vice Coordinator:

Act for the Coordinator/chairpeson in his absence.

Advise and assist the chairperson in the discharge of their duties

In the event of the office of the Coordinator/chairperson becoming vacant as a result of death, removal and resignation and/or otherwise of the person holding that office, the vice chairperson shall act as chairperson pending the resolution of the issues.


Fórum Coordinators/Admins,

Moderate GBO media fórums, whatsapp and facebook

Admit members to the forum

Caution and discipline members who break the GBO Forum rules and regulation

Monitor posts in the house and delete nuisance


Chief Editors/Editors/Translators,

Proof read and edit all GBO articles.

Ensure that only Edo worthy articles are published.

Ensure timely publications of all GBO articles and reports.


Legal Adviser

Shall be the chief legal officer of the GBO;

defend and act as counsel of GBO whenever its sued or is suing any body;

maintain peace and order during meetings;

Shall assist GBO in the performance of its day to day activities according to law;

Shall refer constitutional matters for interpretation or determination to a court where such becomes necessary on behalf of GBO or if he/she receive request by any organ of GBO or appropriate officer praying that such matters be referred to the court for determination.


Coordinator of Sports,

This office shall organise cultural sports festivals and attend same.


Coordinator of Science and Innovation,

This office be in charge of hunting talents for science and innovation. He shall organise science and innovation competition. He/she shall ensure that GBO is ably represented in science and innovation conferences with the presentation of science and innovation projects.


Policy Development and Research Coordinator,

This office shall formúlate policies and interprete them from time to time in line with current ethical practices. they shall furnish GBO with latest ethical practices as it relates to Non profits or non governmental organisation.


Auditor 1&11,

This office shall be based in diáspora and in Nigeria. He shall audit all GBO financial matters periodically. They shall ensure that GBO budgets are audited before they are expended. All monies spent by GBO must be audited before expenditure.


Secretary GBO house Nigeria.

This office shall be appointed by the EC of GBO worldwide. He/she shall be the liason officer of GBO in Nigeria. All correspondence and documents shall be handled by him/she. He shall see to the orderliness of GBO house and business in Nigeria. Organise meetings, take minutes, register members and furnish GBO EC with all relevant information.



There shall be one central account with location in Spain and another in Nigeria with President /AP, Secretary and Accountant/Financial secretary/Treasurer signatories.

Withdrawal with at least 2 signatories. Account statements should be read to the house and also sent to all members by the country accountant quarterly (say once in every 4months). The GBO Auditors will collate all country accounts and send out a regional statement of account once a year.

Auditing of a country’s accounts will be done by the GBO Auditors at the end of every year. Any misappropriation of funds will lead to suspension of officer for 3months and a request to pay back issued. A lawsuit could be filed at the country or state law court against accused person if irregularities persist, i.e disobedience to GBO authorities, arrogance or undisciplined act exhibited.



Projects and expenditure to be suggested, discussed and approved by single majority in the general assembly. Approval of fund to be voted for and appointed and approved by single majority vote at the executive council.



All executive officers are eligible for two terms of office only. The first foundation executive member’s tenure shall serve for two years in office as well as all subsiquent EC officies. Elections shall be held every two years for all executive positions.   An officer can decide to resign from office following ill health, inability to discharge his/her duties efficiently or resign voluntarily.



Executive positions and decision making format: Executives elections to be suggested by members of the house and vote with simple majority. The President, RC, CC, SC, LC or Any EC member can nominate or present anyone he or she feels is best in any EC position or office and will be voted by the house in a simple majority.



The duty of the President is to preside over meetings and represent Great Benin Origins

The duty of the RC is to coordinate and monitor GBO activities,  and monitor Great Benin Origins activities in her region. CC is to coordinate GBO in her country same with SC and LC.



The source of fund for Great Benin Origins shall mainly be on voluntary donation. Donations shall be at every meeting or events of GBO global. Donations shall be accepted only if it does not carry a selfish agenda. This will be determined by the general assembly.

1. Dues shall be collected from members on quarterly or yearly basis depending on convenience. Membership dues shall be reviewed from time to time by the executive subject to approval by the entire congress.

2. Profit accruing from activities organized by the group.

3. Proceeds from undertakings which the group may deem fit to embark on from time to time.

4. All monies coming into the purse of the organisation from other lawful sources.

5. Other fees to be paid by the members as may be approved by the congress with the recommendation of the executives.



Members will be attended to base on how they contribute to the organization. Members are obligated to fill correctly Great Benin Origins organisation forms online properly and pay for their respective ID cards that will be given to them with a particular security number that identify them as bona fide member of Great Benin Origins worldwide.



The dissolution of the executive council shall be deemed dissolved by the organisation by a 2/3 majority of members present and if voting was not satisfactorily conducted. And if there has been, improper handling of elections.



The head of Executive council who is also the president of GBO shall have power to discipline any executive officer on the ground of misconduct in the discharge of his/her duty provided that removal shall be handled by the group on recommendation. Any member that showcases gross misconduct shall be referred to the disciplinary committee for necessary actions.



Election into offices is not compulsory for all positions. Some positions are by appointment/selection. Those positions that require election and not appointment or selection in the Executive council are President, Secretary, Treasure Secretary and any other positions as recommended by the BOT.


1. Time of election;

a. Elections to all executive positions shall be conducted at the end of a two years’ tenure in the Annual general meeting at a venue agreed by majority of the members at least a month before the expiration of a tenure. The elections shall start from the state, country and regional chapters which will now culminate in the global elections. Every member is entitled to two terms in office.

b. Dates of the election shall be scheduled by the electoral committee that will be set up by the Executive council prior to expiration of offices.


2. Eligibility:

i. Subject to the provision of this constitution, only registered members of this GBO who have spent at least one (1) year shall be eligible to contest an election under this constitution.

ii. The person must be actively involved in the group’s activities.

iii.No person shall be allowed to contest more than one elective post in a year.

iv. No candidate suffering from insanity or otherwise shall be qualified to contest for an office under this constitution.

v. Nobody who holds membership of any organization declared to or regarded as a secret cult or terrorist organization by the Government of the federal Republic of Nigeria shall be eligible to contest any office provided for by the constitution




The executive council shall have the power to spend the group’s funds judiciously for the group purpose and in any of the following manners:

The executive shall lay before the executive council its budget showing estimates of income and expenditures for the year which will subsequently be read before congress and ratified by the executive council.

The expenditure estimates shall fall within the budgeted overheads and the limits provided for in the main or supplementary budget approved by the executive council.

such other expenses as may be recommended by the executives or members and approved by executive council.

Any mismanagement or alleged mismanagement of the group’s funds shall be made know to the group by any member or executive member and the group shall within a period of 5 days set up a committee to investigate it.



i.Revenue accruing to the group shall be allocated based on the needs of the organization

ii. It shall be spent on projects promoting the Benin culture as it affects the development of the Organization.

iv.All the group’s monies shall be kept in the group’s bank account as approved by the group.

v. An impress of not more than #3000 three thousand only at any point in time shall be kept with the financial secretary of the group which shall be subjected to the approval of the chairman. This is subject to review from time to time.



1. In pursuant of her humanitarian programs and projects, GBO shall have profit making business ventures which shall be run by board of directors. Board members, Stake holders and some Directors who have vested interest or ownership in the business are not to draw monthly salaries or compensations from the organization.

2. However, if the organization sent them on business trip, all the traveling expenses and incidentals must be paid by the company. Going further, if the company declared profit or surplus, some of it may be shared among the employees while others goes to GBO for her works of mercy or charity.



a) The Organization shall have a common seal.

b) Such common seal will be kept in the custody of the secretary who shall produce it when required for use by the Organization.

c) All documents by the Organization shall be signed by the president and secretary and sealed with the common seal.


For effective administration of the Organization there shall be the following meetings:

1. Socio media fórums (whatsapp/facebook etc)

2. Annual General meeting

3. General meeting

4. Extraordinary/emergency meeting


The quorum for the meeting shall be:

a. Simple majority

b. 2/3 majority

c. Notice of meeting shall be sent to all members of the Organization by any available means, notice sent on the group WhatsApp shall be deemed as sufficient notice

d. Notice of the meetings shall be sent to members not later than seven days to the ordinary meeting and 2 days to an extra ordinary/emergency meeting.

e. It shall be seen as good notice when it is posted on the group WhatsApp forum for this purpose.

f. A quorum shall consist of not less than 2/3 of the member Present at the meeting.





The president/regional/country/state directors and other members of the Executive shall without prejudice to any other provision of this constitution be deemed removed from office under the following conditions.

a. Whenever a notice of impeachment for gross misconduct, malpractice or maladministration signed or supported by simple majority or 2/3 (two third) of executive council members is made in writing or any other form accepted by the EC is presented before the president, if involved then any member of the executive/EC with details of the allegations specified.

b. The President or secretary if involved, then any other member of the executive shall within (3) days of the receipt of such notice ensure that a copy is served on such holder of the office and on each member of the EC

c. The EC shall within (7) days of the publication cause the allegations to be investigated by a committee of (7) seven members nominated by and ratified by the executive council.

d. The holder(s) of the office whose conduct is under investigation shall.

i). Have a right to defend himself subject to the provision of this constitution.

ii). Stand suspended from the time the notice is read before the EC in sitting until the issue is disposed.

e. Where the allegations is substantiated and it is supported by two third (2/3) or simple majority of the executive members of the EC at a properly constituted meeting of the group and voting to this effect has taken place. The executive council will within (8) eight days cause the removal of the person.




i. Any executive member who wishes to resign may do so after giving one (1) month written/audio notice to the executive council/general congress

ii. The notice referred to above shall in the case of the president be given to the vice president/EC/general congress and in the case of any other Executive member given to the president/EC/general congress

iii. A member of the Executive Council Shall normally be suspended from office for not more than a month depending on the issue but must be by a resolution passed by simple majority of executive members present in a meeting by voting.

Iv. Before a member of the Executive vacates his/her seat, they shall render account and return all GBO property in their possession to the president/chairman or any other person delegated by the Executive council




The president/regional/country/state Coordinators shall preside over all meetings and perform all duty assigned to his office.


1. Meetings shall be conveyed in accordance with the provision of the constitution


2. Notice of meetings shall be written and issued by the secretary at least 7 days before ordinary meetings and 2 days before emergency meetings in the online platform but in the case of Annual General meetings a notice of not less than one month shall be given.


3.The notice shall specify the date, time, place and the business of the meeting, the place shall be determined from time to time as agreed by members be it online or live meetings..




The Organization may alter the provision of its Constitution at the General meeting by a resolution passed by a simple majority of his members and approved by the executive council.




The income and property of the Organization shall:


a, Be applied solely towards the promotion of the objective of the body as set out and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly, by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise however, by way of profit, to the members of the Organization paid by fees


b. No remuneration or other benefit in money Worth shall be given or be shared by members, except if agreed at the general meeting to do so.


c, PROVIDE that nothing shall prevent the payment in good faith ,or reasonable and proper remuneration to any officer of the Organization in return for any service actually rendered to the Organization and previously approved by the executive council.


e, In the event of a winding up or dissolution of the organization, if there remain after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among members of the Organization but shall be given to other institutions, having objectives similar to the objective of this Organization, Such institutions or charitable house is to be determined by the members of the Organization at or before the time of dissolution.


GBO chapters shall have their by laws that will govern them in accordance with local customs. The laws and this constitution shall be reviewed from time to time as circumstances change.



With several demand by many executive council members to reduce the tenure of office from 5years to 2years and the AP moving a motion to same effect.

A voting was conducted in the executive council to amend the 5years tenure of office to two with 2/3 majority vote of 12 votes count from 18 members of EC on 2nd of December, 2018. Members that voted in favour are as follows:

1. Uwagboe Ogieva
2. Prof Alex Igbineweka
3. Derby I Ohonbamu
4. Lucky Aghahowa
5. Victor Osazuwa
6. Meg Okao
7. Nicholas Ogieva
8. Engr. Aghadiaye Ayo
9. Aibiokunla Okao
10. Elder Faluyi Osunde
11. Barr Famous Osawaru
12. Uyi Asemota



1. Madam Meg Okao
2. Víctor Osazuwa
3. Madam Diva Ukponmwan
4. Uyi Asemota
5. Lucky Aghahowa
6. Engr Aghadiaye Ayo
7. Uwagboe Ogieva
8. Dr Charles Omorodion
9. Elder Faluyi Osunde
10. Madam Aibiokunla Okao
11. Madam Derby Ohonbamu
12. Oshodin Ose
13. Nicholas Ogieva
14. Barr. Famous Osawaru
15. Elder Tijani Ikhilor



VOTES IN FAVOUR To Accept The Reconciliation Committee As Prescribe Be The President Madam Meg Okao To Always Prescribe Solutions or Intervene On Conflicts And Misunderstandings That Always Pop Up In The Executive Council. Members Of The Committee are Dr. Charles Omorodion, Prof. Alex Igbineweka, Elder Faluyi Osunde and Madam Rita Iyinbor.

1. Mr Uyi Asemota
2. Madam Meg Okao (President)
3. Lucky Aghahowa
4. Victor Osazuwa
5. Dr. Charles Omorodion
6. Mrs Florence Omogiate
7. Oshodin Ose
8. Uwagboe Ogieva
9. Madam Derby Ohonbamu
10. Martha Osuyi
11. Nicholas Ogieva
12. Elder Faluyi Osunde
13. EngrAghadiaye Ayo
14. Elder Osehi Ikhilor


I want to express my sincere gratitude and admiration to members of the executive council for the respect accorded the President’s nomination and sugestión to set up a reconciliatión committee to always proffer solutions and intervene in conflict and controversial fallouts that occasionally pop up in the GBO executive council. I thank Dr Charles for accepting my nomination. Elder Faluyi Osunde, Prof Alex Igbineweka and Madam Rita Iyinbor thank you for accepting to serve in the reconciliatión committee.

With the total vote count, 14 out of 24, the simple majority has been attained. I Mrs Meg Okao the President of GBO Worldwide, hereby ratify the vote establishing the setting up of GBO Reconciliatión Committee, with effect from today 30th of May 2019.

Thank you all.
Up GBO, Akugbe.

Mrs Meg Okao
The president of GBO organisation worldwide
30th of May, 2019.