Code Of Conduct


COC 1. Do not copy and past any information that are not connected or promote the good image of GBO

COC 2. Do not post any religious or prayer items on the GBO website, Whatsapp or other approved forum of GBO

COC 3. Posting of scam or advertisement is strictly prohibited on GBO forums

COC 4. Do not use profane words, idioms, expression or disrespectful languages to anyone, not even to yourself on GBO forum and, you may be indicted for using profane language on yourself because, if you are unable to respect yourself, there is no assurance that you are competent and able to respect others.

COC 5. You must learn to RESPECT individual opinions even if you didn’t agree to it.

COC 6. Celebration of birthdays, obituaries, anniversary, wishes or past, present and upcoming event(s) are strictly prohibited without approval of GBO designated official(s)

COC 7. GBO welcome any positive idea or suggestions that will make BENIN NATION GREAT AGAIN.

COC 8. You MUST promote and display maximum RESPECTS for our OBA / KING OF THE GREAT BENIN KINGDOM, OBA GHA TO ‘KPERE, ISEE!

COC 9. GBO is the heart of BENIN people
These codes will be updated from time to time and, violators may be given first warning and, he or she may be un-subscribed from the group on any subsequent violation. Un-subscribed member(s) may appeal to the GBO Executive Council through the GBO Provost-Marshall

COC 10. ban on the use of the word ” umaigbanẹdo” in GBO meetings and forums. A fine of €50 awaits offenders.

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