Back To The Last Functioning Program To Reboot Your Infected System


You see, when booting an infected computer, finding dificulty in restarting, it will tell you to go back to the last window or program that once functioned perfectly for you.

Benin proverb says “ode ma gia la aghi lae we riegbe” meaning If road no let you pass, turn back go look for other road to where you dey go.

A Spanish lecturer once told me that if two people are doing same thing, one is making progress far more than the other, it is because he or she is doing something the other is not doing.

Please read the last polítical  system or structure that once worked for Great Benin Origin’s societies that gave birth to one of the most civilize state of precolonial Africa. The Great Benin Kingdom and civilizatión, Africans still proud of till today.

What do we call this kind of polítical system? Communist, republican, marxist, democrat? or even parliamentary monarch some countries in Europe práctice like Spain.?

Do Nigeria have anything to learn from the last booting system that ever functioned in their society

For how long will these imitations and slave education lead the black african soul to freedom, peaceful and progressive society?

Back to the last functioning program to reboot your system!


Uwagboe Ogieva
Secretary of GBO
27th of February 2019

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2 thoughts on “Back To The Last Functioning Program To Reboot Your Infected System

    JJ Rawlins: I can’t believe that despite the setback of Nigeria as a result of a failed British experiment on that country, Nigeria is still very much in Love with them.
    Nigeria has everything it needs to be the greatest country not just in Africa but in the world the British knew about it.
    There are two things that can salvage Nigeria:
    the first is Nigeria must peacefully retire these old colonial leaders who are still servants to western imperialism,
    the second is Nigeria must restructure their country back to the days when it was regional system of government.
    Let every region develop at its own pace, build its resources and people.
    With this that country called Nigeria will be the greatest hub for the people of color in the world. -JJ. Rawlins former Ghanian President

  2. I have been saying this time without number…..We Nigeria know nothing about government, we are all saying how Nigeria was then great how BENIN KINGDOM was great and respected by everyone in Africa and beyond Africa, we forgot something 🤔🤔 it was not Government system then…. president or governor was not the one ruling then ….it was OBA himself who was the president and governor all this time ✊🏾✊🏾….government have nothing to give to us, they only help themselves

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