Africans need a sound education and training system not Religion

“Africans need a sound education and training system that would make them to think, create, criticise debate, invent, and innovate freely. As Francis Bacon said, knowledge is power. Africans need an educational programme that empowers them to discover, express and actualise their potential. Africa needs freedom. And this includes free mind, free society, free speech, free will, free expression of intelligence and free choice. Africa does not need a religion that shackles their minds and chains the intelligence.

Africans need to rediscover and restore their humanity and human possibilities to the centre of their global perception ethics, education and belief system. So Africa needs humanism, skepticism, rationalism, positive atheism, and free thought. Africa needs reasons, not religion, not Christian evangelism or Islamism or spiritualism or supernaturalism to experience genuine rebirth, renaissance and transformation.

A popular adage says “catch a fish for a child and feed the child once, teach the child how to fish and feed the child forever. It would have been wonderful if Pump Aid had gone to Malawi not only to install pumps but also to teach young Malawians at the Polytechnics in Blantyre or at the University of Malawi how to install pumps. So, all development aid, projects and programmes in Africa must be such that they teach, educate, inspire and empower Africans to fish, (not catch a fish for Africans) so that the people on the black continent can feed themselves forever.” – Leye Igwe

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