The genesis of the making of an empire that eventually became one of the greatest empire the world has ever known was carefully orchestrated by the wisdom of our ancient ancestors and achieved by their all-conquering might, in consonance with some of their believes in the actualization of the dream of an empire which started during the reign of Ogiso Odoligie, who is well remembered as the first Warrior king of Benin, it is in that believe that other future kings of Benin understood that we can be the sole might in the entire sub Saharan Africa, during the late 15th century to Mid-18th Century our power peaked, and has it is expected we began to lose our farther territories, one of the reason was because the central government was not as forceful and war conscious anymore. We made bold to say the few part that was not our territory in the present Southern part of Nigeria was an offspring of the greater Benin.

We are astonished with the greatness achieved by our ancestors, our sovereignty was lost in 1897, and then we became dormant in all ramifications, we became failures, we lost taste for victory, we became peace makers when our rights were violated, we watched when our history was been torn apart, we became strangely silent, we watched when the insiders collaborated with the Europeans to blackmail and forcefully annex our lands and give it to others, in other to mock our future generation. We must stand up and fight for our survival collectively just as how our ancestors did it.




They are the Idu Children, they are Ubini Sons and Daughters, they are Igodomigodo descendants, they are the present Benins, Esans, Owans, Etsakos, Akoko Edos, Urhobos, Isokos, Ekpeyes, Iwurhuohnas, Ogbias, Ogbas, Engenni, Degemas, Ikas, Royal and Noble houses of Itsekiris, considerable amount of first class kings and queens of Yoruba people (Ekaledarhan/Izoduwa lineage), the Onitsha Royal house, remnants of Benins in Benin Republic, Ghana and Togo (notably the General Eyaedema family) etc.

We are non-violent, completely abhors politics and religion in its entirety, we are not freedom fighter group, we are not secession group, we completely detest anything that can disunite, we are socio culturally inclined. Our primary objectives is to unite all Idu Children/Igodomigodo descendants who were scattered all over the continents for different historical reasons and re-integrate ourselves in understanding that we are all one Benin people who built the empire together before they try to separate us through ascribing different names to us,, we can never ever again be used as any political game, we are much in the know now. Our ancestral home is yearning for us all, let us all return to the cradle of Black civilizations.



 To unite all ethnic groups/nationalities who migrated from Benin Kingdom (Idu Children/Igodomigodo descendants) in other to break the long jinx of historical primordial sentiments.
 To bring all Benins and Benin Associations under one big united platform, while maintaining their individual/Association goals in other to have one united front to push Great Benin back to the world.

 To promote Edo culture, tradition, belief and language among members of Great Benin Origins worldwide
 We are poised in organizing lectures, seminars and conferences on Benin History in other for our next generations to be aware of who truly we are and our past exploits in other to forge even a bigger future.
 If the primary objective has been fully achieved, we can position ourselves for social political and economic advancement as a majority people in Nigeria.




1. Every member of GBO is considered equal, no tribe has more supremacy over the other because we are all one people.
2. The Interest of GBO supersedes individual interest.
3. Because of the sensitivity of Religion, we don’t discuss religious matters in GBO. The understanding of our different faith should be clearly personalized.


By Uwagboe Ogieva


Great Benin Origins organization was conceived as an idea on the 15th of March 2018 by Uwagboe Ogieva. Which started as a pan Edoid whatsapp forum, The Edoid whatsapp forum was created to unify all Great Benin descendants both home and in the diaspora to collectively discuss ideas on cultural and economic emancipation of the great Benin kindred globally irrespective of their individual religious beliefs, political affiliations, educational background, socio statues, economic stand point and class.

Engr. Aghadiaye Ayo, Ms Derby I Ohonbamu, Mr. Victor Osazuwa, Nosakhare Idubor, Mr Marshal Utubor, Ms Meg Okao, Uyi Asemota, Osehi Tijani Ikhilor, and many other passionate believers on GBO organisation assisted greatly in the steady growth and gradual transformation of GBO from a mere whatsapp group to a strong and functioning organisation.

At the inception of GBO organisation, positions of executives were skillfully selected, nominated and appointed based on competence and expertize. Engr. Isaac Igbinosun was made the President, Mr Uwagboe Ogieva as the Secretary General, Ms Meg Okao as the Vice president, Ms Derby I Ohonbamu as the financial secretary while Mrs Joy O.U. Khytouka as the Treasure Secretary of GBO organisation. Other positions included Engr. Aghadiaye Ayo as the director of project, Mr Victor Osazuwa as director of media and communication and host of others.

GBO organisation was registered under CAC {Nigeria} and in the office of the registry Barcelona Spain {Europe}. Engr. Isaac Igbinosun gave. An official website was donated by Mr Uwagboe Ogieva, CEO of Otedo Web and Graphic Solutions in Barcelona. Spain.


The first inaugural ceremony was celebrated in Anwerp, Belgium on the 9th of June 2018.

With chants and echoes of “Unity, Strength & Love of Igodomigodo Decendants” This is the ‘motto’ for the ‘Great Benin Origins organisation: GBO’ World Conference. The culturally charged, colourful atmosphere; in the presence of about one hundred and sixty five internationally gathered people in Antwerp, Belgium on Saturday 9th June, 2018, was truly a reflection of one global conference, too many.

Anchored on unity of Edolites in diaspora, cultural promotion and participation in the state government’s development drive. Present at the ocassion were special guests of honour His Royal Majesty Ọmọ N’Ọba N’Ẹdo Uku Akpọlọkpọlọ Ẹwuare ‘Ogidigan II and the state Executive Governor, His Excellency Godwin Nọghẹghasẹ Ọbasẹki ably represented by the state Commissioner for Arts, Culture, Tourism and Diaspora Affairs Hon. Osaze Osemwegie-Ero

On the Commissioner’s entourage were his designated Culture Ambassadors: Mr Joseph Ehigiamusoe, UK, Barr. Efosa Ogieriakhi, Germany and Bose Fagbemi, France. There was attendant supports from Elder Osahon Osemwegie-Ero (Canada) friends Osas Igbinosun (24Bits), Ireland, Manchester based duo: Messrs Efosa Odiase & Iredia both flew in that morning from the Czech Republic, Osaretin Jake Edosomwan (Amsterdam), Abieyuwa (Stuttgart), Noma Itaman (Germany) and others from Spain, Holland, Sweden etc.

The event was blessed with Royal presence of Elder Prince Ike Akenzua (son of Oba Akenzua N’Iso Norho), King Khytouka of the Republic of Congo, Dr Steve Ogbonmwan, President: Edo Global Organisation Worldwide amongst others.

GBO is first a diaspora organisation strategically engaging activities in Nigeria. Her membership cut across USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America and many Africa Countries. Meetings are done in both physical gatherings and socio media platforms.

The organisation request new members to fill GBO online membership forms and pay their required fees to acquire GBO socio IDcard and a copy of the constitution. Individuals participations and contributions on GBO socio forums and meetings are highly valued. GBO organisation head office and official mailing address is in Barcelona. Spain.

GBO board of trustees includes, Mashall Utubor, Victor Osazuwa, Nosakhare Idubor, Meg Okao, Elder Faluyi Osunde, and Uwagboe Ogieva and Engr. Aghadiaye Ayo

GBO organisation hope to build a secretariat in Benin city, Edo state for administrative operations, invest in youth and children empowerment, science and innovative projects, Edo language sponsorship and development programs, cultural preservations and revivals in the near future. Her source of funds are basically from members contributions and external donations.