A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit

By Honourable Charles Omorodion (UK):

A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit”.

In everything we do here on earth there is a reward. Some rewards are immediate and some are medium to long term while some are everlasting. Today, we in Europe, America and Asia are here because few men and women in these societies planted trees whose shade we are now taking shelter.  We as a people must aspire to sow seeds that others will enjoy the fruits thereof.

As we serve our community and people, we may not receive outward compliments or praises but we must recognise that by our deeds we are known and our deeds are recorded in the book of life. We will surely be repaid in so many different ways but how and when, we know not. Regardless, we must bear in mind that those that plant an “Ako” tree or “Pepper Fruit” tree in their midlife seldom pluck or pick the fruits thereof but do it for posterity.

The main issues we should concern ourselves with today are that whatever we do let’s become perfectionists to the degree that the world can start to ask what manner is the man or women that did these things.

If we clean toilets let’s be the best toilet cleaner that ever lived. Likewise, if we manage a group, let’s be the best manager that ever lived. Don’t prepare a meal and walk away when it is served. If we serve humanity in whatever capacity let’s serve with a heart of gold and unblemished character.

Darkness and light are two bipolar constructs. Nevertheless, darkness in its purity cannot extinguish a bright light. We must go with a patriotic zeal to extinguish darkness from every nooks and crannies of Beninland. We must develop ourselves and our consciousness to our maximum capacity to in order to function effective in every positions, irrespective of whether we are paid or serving voluntary.

For what manner is a man that is saddled with elephant task but entreat to assist another man that is saddled with marginal tasks?  Don’t commit yourself to a promise that you cannot fulfil. Whatever talent you are bestowed with ensure it benefits you and humanity because our world grows and advanced through our talents.

When we do good things to or for people, the natural expectation is for those that benefits to show appreciation to us. Nonetheless, in our world, such appreciation may never come, but we must continue to do good as long as we derive inner satisfaction from it.  Verily verily I profess to you all, that as we journey through this short life, it is better to leave a mark than a stain.

We must be as wise as a serpent and clever like a drove. Don’t expect too much from others so that when you are disappointed you can still fly. Eagles fly with eagles, be quick to recognise dream killers and stay far away from them because what cannot progress you will surely regress you.

There is goodness in all humans. We just need to find ways to tap into all unconsciousness because even the most harden souls can be soften with diplomacy and tact. With tack and panache, we can get even the Devil to repent and chose good over evil. Our demeanour and approach can either bring a slap, confrontation, restorative justice or a cheerful smile. The decision on how you quench a wooden fire spirally out of control is yours. You can either add petrol or spay it with water, but you must choose wisely in all situations and circumstances. Don’t rush to judgment until hear the facts of a case. Hasten to judgement can create fatal consequences. Patience is virtue to cultivate it means not to hasten a judgement, to restrain from using snide remarks, to keep a smile on your face the entire day and not to lash back just because you can soften your voice towards others. Remember evil begets evil and good begets good. Whatever we sow so shall we reap, you cannot plant a corn and hope for a mango.


Think and ponder what you say or write about your fellow beings on social media for it can either make or break them. Once said, you can’t take it back even with sincere apologies, the pains may linger very long. Say encouraging words to fellow human beings even when you know they are performing below expectations. They could just be operating at their maximum capacity and your unfavourable remarks can put their confidence in a reverse gear.  So make and don’t break others with your words and remarks. Our tongues are shaper than razor blades. Our tongues and writings can cut people hearts deeply and scatter their dreams beyond repair.

Don’t rubbish others ideas, inventions or creativity because the majority of best innovations in the world today are the end products of mistakes and unintended consequences. Be nice to others, even when you know they are been intentionally ridiculous.  Do not argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

Social media is a powerful tool, so let’s always showcase our best attributes and manage our perceptions because we live in an impressionistic world.  In this world, perception is reality. Negative perceptions are more difficult to erase or repair. Good perceptions and imageries are better than silver and gold. So whatever you do, be mindful of the impression or perception you create for the world to interpret or discern. Every time you write share ideas or reacts to articles, postings or clippings on social media you are typecasting and social profiling yourself. Therefore, be mindful of what you post and share in order to preserve your positive perception, because perception is reality in our intertwined technological world.

By Dr. Charles Omorodion

23 / 05 / 2019

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