By Uwagboe Ogieva
20th Of December, 2019


G.B.O. = Great Benin Origins


(Owo 1). G.B.O. is a diaspora organisation, an NGO culturally and economically engaging community service and development in Nigeria.


(Eva 2). Owned by all Edoid people, intelligently guided by collective individuals who have voluntarilly decided to give their selfless services archieving her aims and objectives. Once you become an executive member you remain as one of board of trustees after tenure of office without tenure. Tenure of office, voluntarilly serving in the executive council is 2 years.


(Eha 3). G.B.O is registered in Nigeria with corporate affairs commission, registered in Europe in United Kingdom. Correspondence office in C/ Almansa 51, 4º2ª Barcelona Spain. Secretariat (Currently under construction) at No 30 Igun Str. Benin City. G.B.O organisation is also registered in United Nation.


(Enen 4) Members are skillfully selected and nominated to the screening committee as new member of the executive council base on their participations and dedication on G.B.O forums.


(Isen 5) G.B.O recognize gender equality in her leadership. i.e. If the president is voted a lady then the vice president will be a male, vice visa. Both men and woman are given equal right.


(Ehan 6) Constitutional age to become a member is 16years and above. Fill form at www.greatbenin origins.com, pay for her organisational identity card and follow proceedings of discussions and events in her socio forums including whatsapp and webinar video conference calls.


(Ihinron 7) All G.B.O members and executives worldwide gather once a year of which next country of conference are voted and decided at every conference.


(Erenren 8) Decision taking for the organsation are carried out by vote in the executive council. G.B.O is a parliamentary decision making organsation. G.B.O organisation have highly educated, respected personalities, traditional icons and active youths within the organisation leadership construct.


(Ihinrin 9) G.B.O organisation is funded by yearly dues mostly paid by the executive members, donations and sometimes sales of organisation products.


(Igbe 10)
LIST Of Offices In The Executive Council :

1. Coordinator Of United Kingdom
2. Coordinator Of Germany
3. Coordinator Of Spain
4. Coordinator Of Italy
5. Coordinator Of Belgium
6. Coordinator Of Ireland
7. Coordinator Of Nigeria
8. Canada Coordinator
9. Coordinator Of Lagos/Ogun State
10. Legal Advicer
11. Chief Editor
12. Project Director
13. Cultural Ambassador
14. Chief Whip/Provost
15. Groups And Forums Admin
16. Regional Directors
17. Secretary GBO House/Sec In Nigeria
18. Auditor 1&11
19. Director Of Education
20. Director Of Science And Innovation
21. Director Of Folklore
22. Director Of Tourism
23. Director Of Lingustic
24. Director Of Policy And Research
25. Director Human Resources & Logistics
26. Director Of Media And Communication
27. Director Of Programs/ Programs Director
28. Director Of Sports
29. Organisation Supervisor
30. Community Supervisor
31. Welfare Officer 1
32. Welfare Officer 2
33. Finantial Secretary
34. Secretary
35. Vice President
36. President


Read more at www.greatbeninorigins.com

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